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jQuery Splitscreen Plugin

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jQuery Splitscreen Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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About jQuery Splitscreen

jQuery Splitscreen is the original, dynamic, mobile and touch ready, standalone Splitscreen plugin for websites.

Splitscreen is a bold and different way for websites to display image ads, promote content, or welcome web surfers to their web page. Splitscreen is an unique, interactive, fullscreen, billboard style, jQuery overlay plugin with three modes: splash, promo, and teaser; and several options for plugin customization, like autoplay for example.

Documentation makes it easy for web developers to just drop it into an existing web page. Simply add the Splitscreen Css and Javascript files to the head of your web page and initialize the plugin at the bottom of your web page, leave the rest of your web page content intact and Splitscreen will appear!

jQuery Splitscreen Quick Highlights

In Splash mode, Splitscreen appears above your website content and is dismissed (closed) by clicking on the center of the page.

In Promo mode, Splitscreen appears above your website content with two buttons behind the split. One button leades to a custom url, while the other dismisses (closes) Splitscreen, allowing the user to view the current page.

In Teaser mode, Splitscreen appears above your website content and provides the option to add custom ‘teaser’ html behind the split; in this mode Splitscreen cannot be dismissed (closed) unless you add a special css class to an element in the ‘teaser’ html or use the included javascript call to close Splitscreen programmatically.

Cookie control: Determine if a user only sees Splitscreen once or more during a site visit.

Auto play: Decide if Splitscreen will automatically open on page load or in intervals.

Button control: Choose the font, color, size and alignment of Splitscreen buttons

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Wordpress Splitscreen awesove fully loaded fulls creen style overlay plug for Wordpress sites who want wield the impressive power jQpery Splitscreen Pages, Categories Posts.

Additional Info

Latest Update (v1.3.1): Version 1.3.1 extends the Splitscreen experience to mobile and touch devices.

Update (v1.3): Version 1.3 updates Splitscreen by integrating the floating image feature, allowing for the placement of a floating image/logo in 9 different locations within Splitscreen.

Update (v1.2): Version 1.2 of Splitscreen is a customization upgrade mainly for Promo mode. Font Color, Font Family and Size options were added to the ‘Promo’ and ‘Continue’ button configuration. Update also includes improved cookie support.

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25 July 11

Last Update:
5 October 13

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Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

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