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JQuery Simple ESPN Feeds

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JQuery Simple ESPN Feeds - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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E.S.P.N. Plugin Plugin Plugin!!!

Did you hear Smith got traded? O you didn’t? Well now you can!

Finally, we have a JQuery plug-in that provides the full up to date headlines for all your favorite sports. This plugin is no air ball. You can use the ESPN API to keep headlines streaming in to be a head of the game with what is going on in the sports world!

This plug-in allows you to pull headlines and display them on your own website. Headlines can be searched by top headlines of a sport or by top headlines of your favorite team. There is a demo site for the plug-in so you can see it in action. Simply click the “Live Preview” button above.

This is a plug-in will easily allow you pull in the top headlines and render them on your website. Simply pass in your favorite sport or favorite team and the rest is a walk off home run!

In addition, a CSS template has been provided to give you an idea of what you can do with the headlines. However, you can fumble away the provided CSS and throw in one of your own.

Also there are several options and features to help you customize your interface to fit your vision.


  • Search Headlines By Sport
    This feature allows users to search the ESPN API with just a sport. A list of headlines will be displayed.

  • Search ESPN By team
    This feature allows you to search by your favorite team. Simply enter a team and see all tehe headlines related to this team.

There are a bunch of cool settings to help you win the face-offs with your plug-in experience. This plug-in comes with good documentation to show you the way!

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24 May 13

Last Update:
1 June 13

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IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS

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