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jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin

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jQuery CSS3 Lightbox Gallery Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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The CSS3 Lightbox is a jQuery plugin you can use to display your images. The CSS3 transitions is driven by Animate.css, it is hardware accelerated in the modern browser. And It’s mobile friendly, which works in your touch device like iPhone & iPad.

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  • CSS3 transitions driven animation.
  • 24 easeIn and 23 easeOut animation type.
  • Keyboard shortcut support.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Mobile friendly, works in the touch device like iOS.
  • Graceful degradation, it will works on the browser which doesn’t support CSS3 transitions. We use Modernizr here.
  • Optional arrow and close button.
  • FAQ & uncompressed js file are include in the source package.

Plugin parameters

the container name make the ease and out animation random not true, when the randomEase set false, how ease when the randomEase set false, how ease out display the close button not true, display the arrow buttons not true, when click the big image, play next close itself nothing null auto hide the buttons when mouse out the document set false you want keep the buttons always seen true

Available easeIn and easeOut type

‘flipInX’, ‘flipInY’, ‘pulse’, ‘rollIn’, ‘fadeIn’, ‘fadeInUp’, ‘fadeInDown’, ‘fadeInLeft’, ‘fadeInRight’, ‘fadeInRight’, ‘fadeInUpBig’, ‘fadeInDownBig’, ‘fadeInLeftBig’, ‘fadeInRightBig’, ‘bounceIn’, ‘bounceInDown’, ‘bounceInUp’, ‘bounceInLeft’, ‘bounceInRight’, ‘rotateIn’, ‘rotateInDownLeft’, ‘rotateInDownRight’, ‘rotateInUpLeft’, ‘rotateInUpRight’

‘flipOutX’, ‘flipOutY’, ‘pulseOut’, ‘rollOut’, ‘fadeOut’, ‘fadeOutUp’, ‘fadeOutDown’, ‘fadeOutLeft’, ‘fadeOutRight’, ‘fadeOutUpBig’, ‘fadeOutDownBig’, ‘fadeOutLeftBig’, ‘fadeOutRightBig’, ‘bounceOut’, ‘bounceOutDown’, ‘bounceOutUp’, ‘bounceOutLeft’, ‘bounceOutRight’, ‘rotateOut’, ‘rotateOutDownLeft’, ‘rotateOutDownRight’, ‘rotateOutUpLeft’, ‘rotateOutUpRight’

The flip transition works in Webkit & IE10 only.


Most the pictures are from Animate.css is from Dan Eden.

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23 November 11

Last Update:

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Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

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