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jPLAY - Item for Sale


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jPlay is a powerful jQuery & Flash powered jukebox widget you can easily implement in your site.

It offers the user the ability to play a list of songs that you specify. Aswell as this, there is an option for the user to download a particular track of his/her liking.

jPlay is great if you’re a music blogger, a Wordpress tinkerer, or if you just want to share some tunes with the world. jPlay supports the ever popular .MP3 format, and with the flash widget, users can stream your music directly from the browser.

jPlay is also very lightweight, and doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of JavaScript to get working. It does, however require a cursory knowledge of CSS and HTML if you decide to customize and tailor the script to your needs.

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25 August 10

Last Update:
25 August 10

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, Opera

Software Version:

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS


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