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Jigoshop Bundle Rate Shipping

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Jigoshop Bundle Rate Shipping - Item for Sale


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Version 1.1 out now

Version 1.1is the plugin’s largest update so far, providing you with the ability to define rates for categories, countries or a combination of both. If you’ve been looking for a way to define different shipping rates for different categories and different countries, Bundle Rate Shipping for Jigoshop could be exactly what you’re looking for.

About bundle rate shipping

Bundle rate shipping allows you to provide special bundled shipping rates when a customer purchases multiple items.

An example

A shop selling books, DVDs and CDs might have the following bundled shipping rates

  • Books: $5 for the first book, $2 for every book thereafter.
  • DVDs: $4 for the first DVD, $1 for every DVD thereafter.
  • CDs: $4 for the first CD, $1 for every CD thereafter.

In this case, if a customer were to purchase two books, their shipping cost would be $7 ($5 for the first book, $2 for the second book).

If another customer were to order 4 DVDs, their shipping cost would be $7 ($4 for the first DVD, $1 each for the other three).

What Jigoshop Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin does

The Jigoshop Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin is designed to be flexible, so you can define bundled shipping rates based on the shipping destination and/or the categories of the products being sold.

You can also add additional layers for each category, adding a degree of complexity that you may find suitable for your store’s situation. For example, if you sell books, you could charge $5 for the first book, $2 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books, and nothing for any additional books purchased.

You can add as many layers as you like.

Not using Jigoshop?

There are bundle rate shipping plugins available forWooCommerceandWP-Ecommerceas well.


  • Wordpress 3.0+
  • Jigoshop 1.1+


1.1– March 15, 2013 * Major update. New features: - Create multiple bundle rate configurations and determine which products/carts they are applied to based on shipping destination and/or product category - Prioritize configurations * jigoshop_brs_apply_base_rate_once filter deprecated in favour of new setting in the admin area

1.0.7– April 25, 2012

  • Addedjigoshop_brs_apply_base_rate_oncefilter to change how rates are calculated when products from multiple categories are purchased.

1.0.5– April 12, 2012

  • Fixed bug to do with handling fee not calculating correctly.

1.0.4– February 21, 2012

  • Minor bug fix

1.0.3– February 7, 2012

  • Updated for full compatibility with Jigoshop 1.0

1.0.2– January 31, 2012

  • German translation added. Thanks deckerweb!
  • Minor Javascript fixes.

1.0.1– January 24, 2012

  • Added full localization support.

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