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jExpose - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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jExpose is a jQuery plugin that mimics MacOS’s Expose feature by adding hotspots on the browser’s viewport sides (corner and margin hotspots) which can trigger individual events by hovering them with the mouse. By default, the jExpose plugins comes with a dark transparent layer that shows up (and fills the viewport) when hovering a hotspot, almost identical to the MacOS expose effect.


  • hotspots can be either just viewport corners, or corners and margins;
  • detects window resize event and refreshes hotspot locations
  • detects scrolling events and refreshes hotspot locations
  • hotspots can be styled (all or individually)
  • expose-like document fading when hovering a hotspot (but can be disabled if you don’t need this effect and just want to trigger the hotspots’ methods)
  • graceful degradation (no javascript, no expose effect)
  • extremely easy to use
  • tested on IE7 +, Firefox 3+, Opera 9.6+ and Safari 3+
  • 8kb footprint

Included in the package

  1. The jExpose plugin (compressed and uncompressed);
  2. The jQuery v1.3.2 framework;
  3. The jExpose default CSS file and hotspot images to get you started;
  4. An example which shows you this plugin at work;
  5. Help file with instructions and documentation.

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14 February 10

Last Update:
14 February 10

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari

Files Included:
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

JS Library:
jQuery 1.3


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