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JavaScript / Sliders

jQuery Accordion - jAccordion

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jQuery Accordion - jAccordion - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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jAccordion is a complex and responsive jQuery accordion plugin with powerful API, large amount of events and options which let you customize it to suit your needs.


Accordion – features

  • Links to slides – It’s possible to link to a slide of any instance of accordion even from a different page
  • JS fallback – Accordion keeps basic functionality even with disabled JS
  • Tons of options – 26 options let you customize behaviour and appearance of accordion to suit your needs
  • Animated elements – Accordion allows to use additional attributes to fade any HTML element or animate change of its position inside a slide
  • Transition settings – You can specify delay, speed and transition method for every animated element
  • Custom HTML content – You can use any HTML elements inside every slide of accordion
  • Automatic height of active slide – There is no need to set default height of active slide of vertical accordion. There is a possibility to specify that height of active slide is determined by its content.
  • Custom themes – You can create your own accordions with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Responsive – Accordion looks great no matter what device your visitors use and it’s responsive even with disabled JS
  • Easy to understand – Every API method or public variable, every event and even every option of accordion is provided with at least one live demonstration
  • Extensive documentation – How to include accordion into your website, how to create custom themes, how to use animated elements, custom preloader, custom timer, whatever you name is probably documented.
  • Lots of themes – Accordion is provided with many different types of accordions which show how complex the plugin is and every theme is provided with a layered.psd file for easy customization
  • Custom preloader – You can use any HTML element or even multiple elements as preloader of accordion
  • Custom timer – Accordion supports any type of timer you can think of – line timer, text timer, circular timer…
  • Powerful API and events – Accordion offers 18 public methods and variables and 8 events to customize appearance and behaviour on the fly
  • Multiple instances – You can use multiple accordions (instances) on one page
  • Slide style – You can set shadow or border of slides via CSS. Accordion even supports transparent or semi-transparent background of slides
  • Autoplay with pause on hover (optional)
  • Scrollbars – Accordion supports scrollbars in all, particular or no slides
  • Links -Accordion supports linkable slides or multiple links inside a slide
  • Smart links – Only links of fully open slide are clickable (This functionality can be disabled for all or particular links)
  • HTML4 and HTML5 support – Accordion supports HTML5 <section></section> and even HTML4 markup such as divs, unordered list or definition list
  • Orientation – Horizontal and even vertical accordions are supported
  • Lots of easing methods – Accordion (well jQuery) supports only 2 easing methods – ‘linear’ and ‘swing’ but you can use jQuery easing plugin to add 30+ different easing methods
  • Keyboard control – You can optionally control the accordion using arrow keys. No matter how many accordions you use on one page only the active one can be controlled by arrow keys
  • Control buttons – You can use one or multiple HTML elements as prev/next button(s) to control one accordion or even multiple accordions. You can style these buttons via CSS.

Accordion – Browser support

  • Chrome 11+
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox Mobile 4+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Opera 11+
  • Opera mobile 11+
  • Safari 4+

Accordion – jQuery support

  • v1.4.3 and newer (except 1.8.0)


All images mentioned below are used only in preview of the accordion.

Images from graphicriver:
1st image in homepage accordion by solarseven
2nd image in homepage accordion by solarseven
3rd image in homepage accordion by solarseven
4th image in homepage accordion by solarseven
5th image in homepage accordion by galdzer

Images from deviantArt:
mobile phones used in products list demo by Pierocksmysocks

jQuery – javascript library
jQuery easing plugin

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2 September 11

Last Update:
18 October 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PSD

Software Version:


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