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JavaScript / Miscellaneous

iX Framework Javascript Widget Framework

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iX Framework Javascript Widget Framework - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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iX Framework is a comprehensive javascript widget featuring:
  • grid
  • tree
  • panel
  • tab panel
  • windows
  • button
  • menu
  • fields
  • accordion
  • column layout
  • datasource
  • viewport.
  • Powered with powerful jQuery
  • Grid
    • datasource grid type
    • inline editing capabilities
    • grid navigator button
    • column renderer to customize each column (color, font, etc)
    • column header drag and drop to change it’s position
    • sort data by clicking column header
    • lots of API and properties to play to
  • Tree
    • tree with datasource
    • support icon for tree nodes
    • change the default icon for tree nodes by CSS
    • lots of API and properties to play to
  • Panel
    • Panel with toolbar
    • Panel with button bar
    • Panel can be collapsible
    • Put any component inside panel
    • Lots of API and properties to play to
  • Tab Panel
    • Put any component inside tab panel
  • Field
    • TextField, NumberField and Combobox Field
    • readOnly field
    • help text for each field
    • tooltip for field
    • link with datasource
    • easy to extend to create a new field type
    • lots of API and properties to play to
  • Viewport
    • viewport with north, south, east, west and center layout
  • Button and menu
    • button with icon
    • support right icon
    • can change button style with CSS
    • button group
    • toolbar
    • support for toggle button type
    • lots of API and properties to play to
Enjoy an integrated widget with support of theme and lots of customization.

Please check out the demo

Release Update
- fix combo box position in chrome
- add viewport demo
- fix viewport now doesn’t need to have all region items. you can have
viewport with north,center,south only for example.

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7 September 12

Last Update:

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

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