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PHP Scripts / Social Networking

Instagram Web Viewer

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Starting from 17 of november instagram api doesn’t issue api keys for this kind of apps. This script will be removed soon!


  • Feed (To see the authenticated user’s feed.)
  • User recent (To get the most recent media published by a user.)
  • User liked (To see the authenticated user’s list of media they’ve liked.)
  • User follows (To get the list of users this user follows.)
  • User followed-by (To get the list of users this user is followed by.)
  • Relationship (To modify the relationship between the current user and the target user.)
  • Media (To get information about a media object.)
  • Popular (To get a list of what media is most popular at the moment.)
  • Comments (To create a comment on a media.)
  • Likes (To set or remove a like on this media by the currently authenticated user.)
  • Tags (To get a list of recently tagged media.)
  • Search (To search for tags and users by name)
  • Profile page (Profile page for each user with basic information and recent photos)
  • Downloading (To download media)
  • Promoted Users (Area to promote users)
  • Hot tags and Users (Currently most popular users and medias)
  • Quick preview (Fast media browsing via Fancy Box)


  • Commenting methods are implemented within this application but to get an access you have to contact [email protected]
  • PHP Short tags must be enabled
  • Doesnt work on localhost Since OAuth 2.0 protocol used to authenticate user via API, after second step of authorization process user will be redirected on redirect_uri which has to be accessible through internet.


Download from Dropbox

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25 March 13

Last Update:
26 March 13

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Framework:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x


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