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Inject - Control WordPress Dynamic Content

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Inject Plugin

Injectis a very special WordPress plugin. It was developed to give WordPress usersmore controlover their contents in an elegant way.

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In WordPress, if you want to show things in an original way, you can write custom page template, use great user friendly plugins or widgets. If you’re not a web developer, writing a PHP template can be a little tricky. If you use plugins or widgets, you have to adapt yourself to it, and most of time you are limited or frustated by a lack of customization.

Important note : the creation of the Inject model requires some skills in Twig, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
For more information, watchthe short Video Demonstrationor ourPlugin Demo Site.

A few conversations excerpt we had with clients

the client: I want to display a small menu to access child pages, but I don’t want to update it every day !
us: It could be possible. But was it planned :-/ in our brief ? (Sometimes clients just don’t want to spend another penny on that sort of functionality).

the client: Why my pdfs are not automatically accessible on my page !
us: Because it’s not magic and you have to include it manually in your content.

the client: I want to display in this page a list of the lastest posts from “movies” category !
us: You can put a link in the page to go to the category page “movies”.

It shows that each websites are different, each customers are different and that WordPress is great, but can’t do every thing we want by default.
TheInject Pluginwas created to reduce this lack of flexibility !


Inject relays onTwig, an easy to usetemplate engine (that dispense to work with PHP) and common WordPress functions which allow to query your WordPress content.

The principles

  1. Write a template using Inject- how my data will be displayed
  2. Generate the shortcode- which information I want to display
  3. Insert the shortcode- where I put my new dynamic content

Here, a non-exhaustive list of what you can do withInject Plugin :

  • display a list of posts as a slider, as a simple list of title, excerpt and thumbnail, as a gallery…
  • make a navigation of top-level pages, or recurrent sub-menu on pages
  • display a gallery, slider of images linked to a post
  • display a box with pdf documents or zip files linked to a post
  • ...

For more information, watchthe short Video Demonstrationor ourPlugin Demo Site.

Who can useInject Plugin

Onsmall website, you have a way to speed up the creation of custom elements or to add functionalities without increasing the final price.
Onbig sitewith lots of content, you would have more time to spend on custom page template, widgets or modules butThe Inject Plugingives you even more flexibility.

InThe Inject Plugin, there is two parts whichdemand minimum skills :

  • Creating an Inject templaterequires some basic skills in Twig (php template engine), HTML, CSS and Javascript depending on what you need and what you want to do. So it’s more destined to web developers or integrators, but you can still make really great things with Inject with a minimum knowledge.
  • Adding the Inject shortcode, for displaying custom content doesn’t required any further skills and could be use byanyone.


  • Reuse the content already present in your WordPress site without rewriting complex php template.
  • Display content the way you want, fully customizable with your css and javascript.
  • Add flexibility to your WordPress sites.
  • Create templates and add functionalities directly from the WordPress admin.
  • ...

Inject other uses

  • Snippets manager / storer: keep your codes in Inject.
  • API widget (paste code from addthis, mailjet, ...), to be used anywhere on WordPress: posts, pages…
  • Easy paste code: instead of copy and paste large piece of code you often use. Create an Inject and you will simply have to paste the shortcode everytime you need that important piece of code.

For more information and examples visit theInject website.


Inject Plugin needs at least PHP 5.2.4 and WordPress 3.1 to run.

Before asking your question, you can readthe documentationand/or look atthe exampleswe’ve created.
If you still have a question or want to get in touch with us, you can use oursupport section.

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17 April 13

Last Update:
18 May 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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