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iMetro - Item for Sale


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Enjoy iOS apps with the taste of Metro design, iMetro is a set of applications for amateur programmers who are on the first steps of iOS developing . iMetro includes some gadgets that learn you how to work with Camera, Maps, GPS, touch and etc … [MORE GADGETS WILLL BE ADDED IN THE FEATURE UPDATES]. iMetro developed asUniversalapplication so you can work with it both on iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch . Lets explain every tiles !

You will learn how to send email and attach a file for example a picture !

TwitterFacebookHow interact with social APIs like Facebook and Twitter

Create simple and slick photo slideshow with beautiful effects

essagSend SMS or iMessage directly from app

MusicLearn how to access to music library and play your songs .

Video PlayerVideo player shows you how to play a movie or stream an online movie

CameraIn this part you will learn how to work with camera and capture images and import photos from library and share them in Facebook, Twitter or send via email and save to camera roll, and interact with touch, and learn how to pinch and zoom your images.

Work with Maps and learn how to use GPS to find your location, and change map styles.

Friday March 2013It shows live dates !

BrowserCreate a simple web browser with search engine, and bookmark

BatteiyDisplays battery status

Need Cool iOS Apps ?

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1 April 13

Last Update:
1 April 13

Files Included:
.h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PSD, Layered PNG

Mobile OS:
IOS 6.0


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