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iMapper - Wordpress Image Mapper / Pinner

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iMapper - Wordpress Image Mapper / Pinner - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Live Preview

Pin content preview improved pin management improved Added pin content scrollable view Fixed bug with pin tab link color Fixed bug with changing background picture.twiz.I Fixed bug with removing background picture Hover pin fixed More categories can selected Pins with text can now positioned the right side picture Fixed bug where content box not being displayed distanced from pin Fixed text out content box Fixed adding picture from URL Fixed bug when deleting all pins and putting new ones pin options didnt work iMapper FULLY RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS IMAGE MAPPER PiNNER PERFECT FOR CONTACT PAGES KEEPING THE USERS OCCUPIED YOUR WEBSITE SETPINSIN3EASYSTEPS QType Custom Pin ENVATO FEATU ITEM Import custom pins that represent your brand, and tell

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iMapper – Wordpress Image Mapper

iMapper – Wordpress Image Mapper is a simple, yet powerful plugin that lets you select an image of your choice and pin stuff on it. It offers several embedded pins which offer special functionality, as well as the ability to import your own pins with the basic functionality. It is very intuitive and easy to use, and it will take but moments to set up your image with pins and customize the content connected to each of these pins.

iMapper is a perfect solution if you want to make your contact page a bit more dynamic. It will fit perfectly no matter what your profession is. It can easily be adapted to a health image mapper, product image mapper, contact image mapper etc.

iMapper is an ideal solution to keep the visitors of your site stay a bit longer.

Other Amazing Features:

- Easy implementation
- Add custom pin
- Over 600 Google fonts
- Choose which side does content open on
- Extremely intuitive backend design
- Insert whatever inside the content part, including HTML tags
- Each pin can have its own action
- Separate pins in categories
- Map overlay/blur effect
- Content bubbles animation
- Lightbox gallery option
- Fully responsive design
- Different functionality for different pins, including accordion
- Fully customizable content
- Ability to choose which side does content open on
- Support for Google Fonts
- Import your own pins
- Extremely intuitive backend design
- Very easy to set up pins on the map with a single click
- Ability to choose if content opens up on click or hover
- Insert whatever inside the content part, including HTML tags

Most Important Features:

- 7 different embedded pins
- Pin any part of an image
- X predesigned pin styles
- Pin filtering by category
- Fully responsive
- Easy to use
- Multiple ways to show your content:
- link
- lightbox image
- lightbox frame
- content bubble
- content below the image

Change log

Version 2.5 – 08.04.2015
- Preview improved - before previewing save the map - Pin content preview improved - Pin management improved - Added pin content scrollable view - Fixed a bug with pin tab link color - Fixed a bug with changing background picture (Pins preserved) - Fixed a bug with removing background picture (Pins preserved) - Fixed bug pin coordinates on last added pin, last set pin can be positioned - Fixed error in admin.js - Hover on pin fixed - content stays inline does not overflow or is to much away from pin - Width increased between pin options in admin panel - More categories can be selected - Categories bug fixed - Pins with text can now be positioned on the right side of picture - Fixed a bug where content box is not being displayed/distanced from pin - Fixed text out of content box - Fixed adding picture from URL - Fixed a bug when deleting all pins and putting new ones pin options didn't work - Fixed a bug when changing picture remove/change the pins are only hidden not deleted 
Version 2.0 – 20.09.2014
- Resolved issues: - Included new mCustom scrollbar script - Included WordPress’ jquery-ui script - Documentation now available - Fixed responsive issues - Fixed multiple CSS issues - Fixed multiple JS issues - Implemented “per pin” click and hover behavior - Implemented “area pins” - Implemented “font/tab” pins - Implemented pin categories - Implemented new click behaviors: link, lightboxImage, lightboxIframe, contentBelow - Implemented map overlay - Implemented blur effect - Implemented option not to scale pins on lower screen resolutions - Implemented content bubbles animation - Implemented lightbox gallery option - Fixed the issue with default font = def 
Version 1.5.1
- Resolved issues: - Fixed pins being larger than intended on the iPad 
Version 1.5
- Resolved issues: - Improved consistency with content position among different pins. Fixed a bug when sometimes nothing would work in backend. Fixed a bug where tables wouldn’t get removed on uninstall 
Version 1.4.1
- Resolved issues: - Fixed a small bug with hover behavior for a specific type of pin 
Version 1.4
- Resolved issues: - Support for WP 3.6 
Version 1.3.1
- Resolved issues: - Fixed a bug which prevented some users from uploading images to iMapper 
Version 1.3
- Resolved issues: - Fixed some bugs which prevented the correct execution of multiple mappers on the same page 
Version 1.2
- Resolved issues: - Users can now choose between responsive and fluid design. Fluid works like it’s worked so far and responsive opens up the content over the entire map for better readability on lower resolutions 
Version 1.1
- Resolved issues: - Changed the entire plugin to fluid design, while working on a better solution for lower resolutions. 

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All images used in the preview are only for demo purposes. All the images are copyrighted and licensed to their respective authors and owners.

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14 May 13

Last Update:
9 April 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD

Software Version:
WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4


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