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ImageHandler - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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ImageHandler is.NET library that allows you to manipulate images on the fly.
And it’s all WPF techonology!.

Features (v. 2.0):

  • Scaling
  • Cropping
  • GrayScale
  • Horizontal / Vertical flipping
  • 90 degrees steps rotation
  • Watermarks
  • Round corners
  • Encryption system to hide the original image
  • Caching
  • Save modified images (with the core project)

So, with this component, you can resize images to make thumbnails without manual generation of miniature files. You can add your own logo upon images and encrypt your urls with a simmetric alghorytm to make unachievable your original images, convert images to grayscale, flip them, rotate them, combine all these effects, and more…

The package contains:

  • A core C#.NET 3.5 project that allows you to manipulate images trough intuitive extension methods
  • An HttpHandler built upon this library, used for serving modified images in a web context
  • An HtmlHelper for MVC3 (.NET 4.0) that wraps the handler, making the calls as simple as possible
  • A WebForm custom control (.NET 3.5) that wraps the handler, making the calls as simple as possible
  • The original, well documented, VS2010 projects of the assemblies listed before
  • WebForm and MVC demo sites
  • HTML documentation

Please note: in order to work, you need to have Full Trust permission for your Asp.Net application.

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4 May 10

Last Update:
6 May 12

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Files Included:
Active Server Page ASPX, C# CS, HTML

Software Version:
.NET 3.5,.NET 4.0


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