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iCarousel™ - Wordpress

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Unfortunately iCarousel is out-of-date and i have no plan to update it soon, because of some busy purposes.

What’s iCarousel?

iCarousel is a powerful mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to arrange a set of images in a carousel layout. The plugin also provides an easy to use API which will allow to further enhance the functionality of the carousel. Great for screenshoot slider.

Note: The 3D Transform is not working on IE7, IE8, IE9. IE10 is fine.



  1. jQuery capabilities.
  2. Highly Flexible and Customizable.
  3. Highly User Interface Design.
  4. Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page.
  5. Custom per slide easing.
  6. Multilanguage support.
  7. Works on iOS & Android devices.
  8. Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover.
  9. Easily resizable.
  10. Animated preloader bar.
  11. Keyboard support.
  12. Touch support.
  13. Mouse support: (Click, Wheel).
  14. Customizable through css.
  15. 3D & 2D available.
  16. Customizable 3D perspective.
  17. Extremely simple configuration.
  18. Customizable transition timing function. (easing)
  19. Cubic-bezier function also acceptable.
  20. Custom per slide timeout.
  21. Extended HTML documentation.
  22. Cross browser compatibility.
  23. Fast, hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
  24. SEO friendly, content is not hidden.
  25. Powerful, documented API — public methods, properties, callbacks.
  26. Each slide can have any html content(except video) and can be any size.
  27. Support unlimited number of images.
  28. Configurable number of images visible per scroll. Also set the space between slides.
  29. Customizable scroll direction.
  30. Customizable X & Y spaces between slides.
  31. Unlimited slides support.


You can include iCarousel slideshow into your projects by using the TinyMCE custom button, by using the shortcode:

 [icarousel slideshow="my-first-carousel"] 

You can also include it into your theme by adding this function to your functions.php file:

 if (function_exists('icarousel_main_ss_add')) { add_action('admin_init','icarousel_main_ss_add'); } 

In this case a meta box will be available on your page/posts backend to select the carousel you prefer. Just put this code into your loop to display the carousel:

 if (function_exists('icarousel_meta_slideshow')) { $meta_icarousel = get_post_custom( $post->ID ); if(isset($meta_icarousel['icarousel_meta_slideshow'])){ echo icarousel_meta_slideshow($meta_icarousel['icarousel_meta_slideshow'][0]); } } 

You can also include it into your any template file by putting this code into to your file:

 <?php if (function_exists('icarousel_meta_slideshow')) { icarousel_meta_head(); icarousel_meta_style(); echo icarousel_meta_slideshow('my-first-carousel'); }?> 


jQuery Version 1.2.2 has been added

 2012-11-07 Hemn Chawroka * Fixed jQuery fallback animation bugs. * Fixed some bugs. 

jQuery Version 1.2 has been added

 2012-07-04 Hemn Chawroka * Added jQuery fallback animation. * Added easing for jQuery fallback animation. * Fixed some bugs. 

The Admin Panel

iCarousel provides an extended admin panel with a complete documentation:

iCarousel 1.0.0 Manage your 0trsyr.,A.00 00005000 ass 00I10 10.1000000000010001 II. b000 as. 1270 0050s Opes rasp T00s
iarouseI 1.0.0 Requirements.m. fqurn

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1 July 12

Last Update:
27 October 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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