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HTML5 / Media

HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Buttons

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HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Buttons  - Item for Sale


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The HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Buttons can be used as a gallery or even as a banner rotator.

This gallery runs on PC but also it is 100% mobile compatible . We’ve also tested it on IPAD3 and it runs great, you will interact with it as you would with a native app, you can see an exempleat this link.

This gallery includes 16 transitions, six of which are simulating the Ken Burns effect. These are working really smooth and were implemented using the new HTML5 canvas element.

Each image can have none, one or more animated description windows. These windows can be animated to appear from different directions and you can set for each of them the transition duration, the transition delay and the final position. The description windows have full CSS support.

The entire color theme and skin can be modified, five skins are included in the download file!

You can have more then one instance of the gallery in the same page (multiple galleries in the same page) with different set of images and settings.

Using and setting up this gallery is really simple, everything is explained in detail in the help file

Gallery / Banner Rotator Features:

Fully XML driven this makes it really easy to install and maintain.

Support for multiple instances in the same page: you may have as many galleries as you want in the same page and each one of the galleries / instances has its unique set of images and settings. You can have as many galleries as you wish..

Buttons support, the buttons are optional can have custom round corners, the rounding of the corners can specified also the numbers can be removed if you don’t need them, they can be positioned anywhere inside the gallery area and can have a horizontal or vertical orientation. If you like you can setup the buttons to look like bullets, check out the samples.

Advanced description / text animated windows. Each image can have none, one or more animated description windows, this windows can be animated from different directions, the transition duration, transition delay and final position can be set for each of then plus they have full css support.

Support any type of image format(landscape, portrait or whatever)!

16 transition included, six of them are simulating the popular Ken Burns effect, you can see all of them running in the samples.

The transition length and transition delay can be set individually for each image in seconds.

Bulk image preloader, it’s a feature for fast loading and displaying the photos, the images are loading in the background.

Open a new page each big image can have attach to it a URL, this mean that if you click or touch up on mobile the big image a new page will open, the target for that window can be set (_self or _blank), please note that this feature can be activated individually for each image or disable it globally for all big images.

The gallery width and height can be set to any size, this mean that you can use this gallery in any size you can think of.

The background color can be modified or it can be left transparent.

Thumbnail support, this feature is optional you can use it with or without thumb, a thumb will show up when the mouse is over on button.

The thumbs border color, size and space between buttons can be configured to any value

The button or thumbs can be hidden if the mouse leaves the gallery area and a delay in seconds can be set for this feature, this is also optional, this mean that the thumbs can be hidden once the mouse is not over the component area or always visible.

Slide show preloader and images preloader, this preloders are highly customizable, you can change the radius, color theme and position.

The slide show prealoder can be position anywhere by setting it’s x and y position.

Slide show delay can be set individually for each image.

Slide show autoplay option.

The slide show button is optional this mean that it can be disabled, also the graphics and position for this button can be modified.

Next and previous buttons to navigate between images, as mentioned above the graphics for this buttons can be modified, the position can be set anywhere inside the gallery area, this feature is optional this mean that the next and previous button can be removed.

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11 June 12

Last Update:
11 June 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
HTML5, Other, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS


autoplay, banner, canvas, html5, ken burns, rotator, slideshow, transition, xml