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HackerCatcher - Catch hackers w/ Admin Panel

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HackerCatcher - Catch hackers w/ Admin Panel - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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HackerCatcher is a complete system (with admin panel) designed to catch if someone is trying to hack your page and save his data: IP, String (with the one that tried to hack), date, file, details about the hack, and more.

The features are:

  1. Can catch XSS /SQLi
  2. You choose what inputs to listen and catch hacks
  3. All the hacks detected are saved into database (of course, escaped)
  4. You can receive an email if someone is trying to hack your page
  5. In the admin panel, you can see a details about the hack (date, ip, string, type of hack,...)
  6. If hack is detected, will be saved in the database and send you an email (if you want), then, with a funcion, you can set what more to do! (Example: Block the page to the user)
  7. In the admin panel, you can choose if you want to receive email or not
  8. If there were problems while inserting the hack in the database, you will receive an email with the hack details and the problem


To listen inputs and catch hacks:
 // Include the class and make object require 'catcher.class.php'; $obj = new HackerCatcher; // Listen to POST input $obj->listen($_POST['my_input']); 
If some hack is detected in $_POST[‘my_input’], listen() will save the hack and send you an email (you can change this in the admin panel)

Doing more if hack is detected:
 // Listen... $listen = $obj->listen($_POST['my_input']); if($listen == true) { // No hack detected }else{ // Hack! } 

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5 November 11

Last Update:

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL

Software Version:
PHP 5.x


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