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Group SMS Voice Application Twilio

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Group SMS Voice Application Twilio - Item for Sale


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Updated – V1.1 see update log below


Group SMS & Voice application is a standalone application that enables you to send bulk SMS or Voice messages to groups of people. The application is built using Codeigniter and Bootstrap CSS framework. The application is deeply integrated into Twilio’s API which handles the SMS and Voice communications.
Great application for businesses that need to contact people or staff with the same message. The app also logs if a user has received or answered a call / received a SMS. This application can be setup in minutes self contained on your server or I can setup & host it for you for on NOW FREE with every purchase.


  • Group SMS sending – unlimited contacts
  • Group Voice calling – unlimited contacts
  • Contact Group creation and storing of contacts
  • Contacts manager
  • Message profile creation and storing
  • SMS send and receive log
  • Voice call log
  • Dashboard for Twilio account spend
  • Setup Twilio account details within app – inbuilt help section


Please note that the demo has some restrictions such as supported countries. You will need to setup a Twilio number to use this app and you can then setup which countries you wish to have this number receive or make calls or SMS.

Installing the app yourself

  • 1. Simply copy all the files onto your web server
  • 2. Setup the correct app base url in application/config/config.php (Optional dependent on your setup)
  • 3. Add your Database settings in application/config/database.php (if you are not using then comment out lines 51-74 and un-comment lines 77-84 then add your details).
  • 4. Signup for a Twilio account and get your number, SID, and token ready
  • 5. Import Database schema.
  • 6. Launch site and login with[email protected] & 1234
  • 7. Add your Twilio details within setup slide two. YOURDOMAIN.COM/admin_setup/index
NOTE: This application is built with CodeIgniter and you will need knowledge of this framework to get things setup as some servers require settings changes etc. I will be happy to assist up to a point as I can’t possibly support all types of server setups.

FREE setup and FREE Hosting!

I use for the demo and other apps and find the service to be fast, reliable and most of all FREE for smaller apps. If you would like me to setup your copy of the application for FREE please contact me via – Please allow up to 48 hours for this FREE service.

Update log

V1.1 – 11 March 2013

  • Upload bulk contacts via CSV
  • Add contact to multiple groups from within contact card
  • Twilio spend limit added within setup pages
  • Disabled message send button after first send to avoid duplicate group sending
  • Groups can now be deleted – bug fix
  • Dashboard UI tweak

  • Download
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    20 February 13

    Last Update:
    12 March 13

    Compatible Browsers:
    IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

    Software Version:
    PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x

    High Resolution:

    Software Framework:

    Files Included:
    JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL


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