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Google SERP tool

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Google SERP tool is a tool that allows you to know the position of your web page in the Google ranking for predefined keywords. It retrieves some metatag info grabbing it from source code. Includes a server monitor for check if server is up or down with nice graphics (see screenshots).

This is a SEO tool. Not uses Google API, just HTTP REQUESTS.

Developed with Visual Studio 2010 (Visual Basic.NET 2010). Full and updated source code is available to purchase.

FEATURES on V1.5 – Added some functions

  • Modified GUI to easy read metatag info
  • Added “20” to Max results combobox
  • Added suport for +2 Google country urls

FEATURES on V1.4 – New functions

  • Domain inputbox saves all values that have been searched
  • Added clear domain list button
  • Added check availability function with graphics

FEATURES on V1.3 – New functions

  • Added export to XLS file
  • Added export to CSV file
  • Keyword inputbox saves all values that have been searched

FEATURES on V1.2 – Major rebuild & bugfix

  • Fixed REGEX parsing engine for better performance
  • Optimized code for single result extracting
  • Added last know position setting
  • Added donation button in “About” form
  • Added support for 56 Google country url’s
  • Fixed “empty array” bug
  • Added item list icons

FEATURES on V1.1 – Bugfix

  • Fixed bug in list count where item is not added
  • Optimized HTTPREQUEST function
  • Added HTTPREQUEST timeout handling
  • Added 503 error handling
  • Added 404 error handling

FEATURES on V1.0 – Release

  • Initial release


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11 July 13

Last Update:
17 February 14

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8 Metro

Application Runtime:
.NET 3


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