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Google Drive As WordPress CDN Plugin

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Google Drive As WordPress CDN Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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“What Does It Do?”

The Google Drive As WordPress CDN (Content Delivery Network) Plugin automatically syncs your static files (like images) to your own Google Drive Account. From there the files are delivered to the users who visit your webpages. This reduces the load of your webserver and can decrease page load time as well.

“How Does It Work?”

During page visIts the plugin logs all static.file URLs that are found. After few hours logging the plugin starts upload the files automatically. Once uploaded the files get delivered the users right from your Google Drive. Sync progress. gwl hnpJpbuddy.cIWbuddygi hLipY.buddy.CflVpkigi l.Jp htlp i4q

„Why Do I Need It?“

There limit the max. number parallel http connections browser for gren don,ain. Fireto Firetox Opera Opera Opera and Chros,e and Chro.e Sa1ar and ilyou havea lot static files your website the browser can only load files simultaneously. This can decrease load time because the browser can now load times more files than before. The web secver well relieved because only has delIver tImes less Itles the user lithe browser alreadi loads files has wait till least one file has finished loading. ii. fact the files should distributed from more than just one server. This means that the page needs etc more time load the website completly. only one webserver alone responsible for delivering files the users.

WordPress 4.0

Yes. This plugin is WordPress 4.0 ready!

Version history

The current version is: 1.7.1 (July 16. 2014) Click here for a full version history.

Please note that CodeCanyon sometimes is a little slow when it comes to reviewing updated items. To avoid this and to get updates quicker, please add your purchase code on the settings page of the item. You then get informed automatically when a new update is out and you also get the updated item delivered right within WordPress update process.


Please note the following:
  • There is a limit on how many requests you can make to your own Google Drive. If you’re over quota, the plugin cannot upload anything anymore. Please read more about this on the Google Drive as WordPress CDN Plugin FAQ page (Question 8 ).
  • You also need the latest WordPress version (3.5 and up) as well as PHP 5.3 working on your webserver.
  • You should always use a caching plugin (like WP-Super Cache) because a CDN plugin does not cache anything. It just distributes files between several servers to reduce the load on the web server.
  • The initial crawling and uploading process needs some resources on your web server. You may experiencing a slow website if you’re not using a caching-plugin AND you’re logged in. I recommend using a caching plugin like WP-Super cache to prevent this.
  • I’ve recognized that Google sometimes sends a wait signal when delivering files from Google Drive. This is why some online load test tools will show a drop in pagespeed first. I don’t really know why this happens but it shouldn’t be too noticeable from the user’s point of view because when using CDN the browser is able to load more files at once and the load of the webserver gets reduced, too.
  • Please read the Google Drive as WordPress CDN Plugin FAQ page to inform yourself about other limitations prior buying this plugin. Thanks!

Have any questions? – FAQ:

Could not find an answer to your question? Please consider reading the Google Drive as WordPress CDN Plugin FAQ first. There you can find a detailed description on how to set the plugin up (including images). Thanks!

Translation thanks to

Want to translate the plugin into your own language? Download the latest.pot files from Github or contribute to this project directly on Github.


Uses the Google API PHP client.

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13 June 13

Last Update:
16 July 14

Software Version:
WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6

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