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WordPress / Miscellaneous

Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP

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Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables for WP - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Current Version 3.0.4 – August 03, 15
Plugin update Please check this Video Tutorial carefully, before update the plugin!

Mobile When checking the Live Preview mobile device, please remove the theme switcher top.

Create amazing WordPress Pricing & Compare Tables

It’s very easy to create WordPress pricing or compare tables with Go Pricing. If you buy this product, you don’t need anything else.

This WordPress Pricing Tables supports various Media Elements like Audio, Video, Image or Map. Just give a try, we are sure you will never turn back to search more.

For more information you may scroll down.

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Being an Elite Author means for us that we serve the needs our customers with all of our knowledge. To develop a product takes a vast amount of time. This input guarantees excellent quality at every occasion.

- Attila & Denes

This plugin compatible with Visual Composer

Upcoming Features With your feedback can create better products.

You Like prepared for you series basic tables. tkk phU4 not rtuded hours looks M4keup not Inckxled OKaDOfl Pcos hours 23O Not nCh.adid photos hours se7o Look Not Wclud photos hours 2tooks AwadW photos Pro s30 Monlhly Sign 3hours 4hours looks Makeup wc1udid Mafrup nc1uded Available opbons Silver Platinum IOOIRW0W lowowl Small Monthly Medium s20 Mowthly VAT Sign

General Options litle Title Content Style Sewngs Font Family Font Size Line Few Steps Setup Enjoy this organized and intuitive Admin Panel. Column Editor Header Header Corn General Options Style Sty ndard Title Theme Default Price Pnce Atomor

Key Features

Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Icons give you scalable vector icons that instantly can be customized and look gorgeous high-resolution displays.

Lot of new features help the making of Pricing Table from which the most important is the Instant Preview. With only one click you can view or test your work anytime.

We prepared 250+ different looking templates for you which devided by colours in the product. You can use only the red or blue colours or you can import all of them in a form of demo data. Take your pick!

You can freely mix the various colours as well. Putting the columns consecutively you can configure any colour sequence. Is this rather exciting?

The “Go” experience will be with you using any device to display the plugin. Let it be a small or big resolution screen, laptop or mobile device, the visualization allways perfect, 100% optimized.

The Go Pricing Plugin can be used at many different areas, let this be the introducing of the team or a comparison of pricing tables. It is a true peculiarity made for you with lots of love.

Font Icons Unlimited Buttons Scan with Your Device PayPal Button Shortcode Instant Preview Mode Media Elements Improved Export Import Starter Template Responsive Word Press Layout Save Your Time Unlimited Color Mixture Visual Composer Compatible Easy Admin Settings 21st Century Clean Styling Support for Touch Devices Google Map Custom Pins Team Viewer Compare Tables Ler etron Clean Documentation Google Fonts

The Internet. bi,d ocro Compatibility Works wfth any WordPress Them bp.P. Welcome

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Advanced Column Settings Professional possibilities never seen before. Pricing Unlimited Combinations General Options Global Column Settings Header Options Header Content Style nec tern clita Body Options Body Content Style nec fern clita Olfendit iudicabt mea Order Now Oft Footer Options Footer Content Style Verterem reque atqu Fuset lus minimum

Classic and Modern in one? Yes.
If you like traditional WordPress Pricing Tables, but you would like get much more out of it, then this rodded product is a useful tool for you. Beside the usual pricing table style Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr) and Images are also supported with optional responsivity. It’s very easy and fast to create stunning tables and integrate them into your WordPress site using Admin Panel. You will surely find the one most appropriate for you, which can be customized in a few seconds.

Video Tutorials you need help, are here. Please watch Youtube playlist.

For what other purposes can I you use this? We have some ideas.
Beside traditional Pricing Tables feature the plugin is suitable also for creating Team Viewer and Compare Tables. These features can also be found in the package.

Is the sytem flexible? Yes.
The responsivity is optional. It can be turned on and off and customizable to adapt to your site or CSS framework (e.g. Bootstrap). You can use System or any Google Web Fonts (650+).

Can I use more than one table on my site? Yes.
You can use any number of tables on your site or even on one single page using shortcodes.

Go. Just Create!.

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Pricing Create amazing pricing tables with new version Pricing plugin. putant scriptorem Pla Premium Quality from Elite Author.

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New Demos Coming Soon
You Decide will consider your well. Check Now

Classic Style For the old version all Demo Tables are available.
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Classic Purple Talen noluisse slgnenim Taeni noIusse s.QnItenm Talent nohe Talent noluisse smWenm

Purchase Fee Free Product Updates

Style & Layout

  • Unlimited colors and color combination of columns
  • Unlimited and different number of rows in Body and Footer
  • Any number of columns up to 10
  • Configurable column space and border radius
  • Standard and circle Header Styles
  • Advanced row and column height Equalization System
  • Numerous column shadow and sign options
  • Unlimited buttons in Body and Footer
  • Unique tooltip style
  • Paypal and s2Member button shortcode support
  • 650+ Google Web Font
  • 1900+ Font icons
    • Font Awesome
    • Icomoon
    • Linecon
    • Material Icons
  • 250+ Starter Template
    • 90+ Classic Style
    • 150+ Clean Style


  • Optional and customizable responsivity per tables
  • Configurable Breakpoints and number of columns

Media Support

  • Responsive Images
  • Audio
    • SoundCloud
    • Mixcloud
    • Beatport
    • HTML5 audio
  • Video
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Screenr
    • Dailymotion
    • Metacafe
    • HTML5 video
  • Google Map – Classic, Clean and custom pins
  • Custom iFrame

Modern user-friendly Admin Interface

  • Optionally Ajaxified Admin
  • Help System
  • Advanced Table Dashboard
    • Searching and Sorting possibilities
    • Cloning and Deleting bulk actions
  • Visual Table Editor – Sort, Delete and Clone columns and rows
  • Advanced data Export and Import
  • Built-in Live Preview
  • Visual Composer compatibility

Supports the Latest Web Technologies

  • Supports all modern browsers on the market
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • Internet Explorer (9+)
  • Touch support for mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows


  • Layered PSDs for signs and pins
  • Translation ready files
  • WordPress 4.3 Ready

Pricing Check out Demo Site

What Customers are Saying few cool making joc.w The 3.0 has everything you ever need across the board. This plugin one best investments made Codecanyon. Support great, price reasonable and version 3.0 looks great. was worth wait. Hi, Thank you Attila! Fantastic work update, BIW. Keep tne gooa worKi Kind regards, Miroslav The best the market got even better with the last update! kreatura Hello Guys, love the new release, really amazing with limitless possibilities. Keep the good work and good luck with sales! Cheers, George from Kreatura WOW his tar tne best pricing piugin ever used! updated version simply gorgeous! Thank you for your work! Waiting for your feedback




Column Editor General Options General Options Header Options Header Options IjBody Options Body Options ody Content Style Sody Content Style Row Options Content has facet Footer Content Styie ROW1 Row Tnt Order Now Content Cun, mlnbnum Add Row Row Content Peninax awn molestie coo IoI QFooter Options Footer Content coo

After two years of continuous update in V3 we redesign the whole Go Pricing plugin, hence the Admin Panel is renewed too. We took our customers feedbacks and requests into consideration. The new Admin Panel is more transparent and easier to work with.

Other Examples

With from Granth

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Quality & Originality

Our goal is the best quality, however issues may occur which we try to fix quickly. We continuously monitor customer feedbacks and suggestions. Always use the latest version of this product.

Updates History

v3.0.4 – Updated: 03.08.2015

  • [FIX] Prevent the editor popup jump when opening the lightbox.
  • [FIX] ‘go_pricing_iframe’ shortcode not working fix.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Drag and drop import and improved export.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added alt, width and height attributes support for images in the header.

v3.0.3 – Updated: 23.07.2015

  • [FIX] Table Dashboard’s asset bar floating bug fix.
  • [FIX] Import feedback message not appearing fix.
  • [FIX] ‘Please save the table first!’ message stuck bugfix.
  • [FIX] Colum layout problems fix for tables with 8+ columns.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent page content width change when opening the lightbox.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added 15 simple Clean Style.

v3.0.2 – Updated: 23.06.2015

  • [FIX] Live preview bugfixes.
  • [FIX] Minor admin CSS fixes.
  • [FIX] Image refresh problem fix for Shadow and Column Style selector in admin.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added Google Material Iconset (795 icons).

v3.0.1 – Updated: 12.06.2015

  • [FIX] Admin bugfixes for older PHP versions.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added skin filteing option to dashboard.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added the option to upload custom table thumbnail.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Image upload field improvement.

v3.0 – Updated: 05.06.2015
Complete plugin rewrite with fully backward compatibility

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Unlimited and different number of rows in the Body and Footer.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved column space setting option.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added HTML and Button content type to rows. Unlimited buttons in Body and Footer.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added advanced responsivity settings per table. Configurale Breakpoints and column number.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a new “Clean” style with 14 column type (Unlimited color and border, border radius, box shadow options, “Standard” (new) and “Circle” header types with background image).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved Google Font (650+) support.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added Font icon support (1100+) – Font Awesome, Linecon and Icomoon.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] New user-friendly Admin Interface.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Advanced Table Dashboard with searching and sorting options and supporting bulk Delete and Clone actions.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optional Ajax and non-Ajax mode.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Built-in Live Preview.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added new signs (ribbons), pins.

Old History in the Documentation

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1 January 13

Last Update:
4 August 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD, Layered PNG

Software Version:
WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5


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