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JavaScript / Media

Fullwidth Audio Player - jQuery plugin

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Fullwidth Audio Player - jQuery plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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  • MP3/Soundcloud Player in Flash/HTMl5
  • Supports HTML and XML Playlists
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Auto-Cover-Replacement
  • Unlimited color variation, no image files are used
  • Share your tracks on Facebook and Twitter
  • A lot of options and a great API

Important Information for mobile devices

Autoplay, the volume bar and the visual playlist will be automatically set to false, when viewing the player on a mobile browser. So dont wonder why you dont see it on your mobile devices. The player will be also automatically set at the top of the page, because a fixed footer is not supported by the most mobile browsers.


1.6.2 – 21.12.1014
  • Bug fixed: If a soundcloud resource was not found, it will be skipped and does not crash the player anymore
  • Bug fixed: Loading tracks from user favorites did not work
1.6.1 – 9.7.2014
  • Now the track urls are compared to check if a track already exists in the playlist
  • Full fluid layout that works now on any device
  • New option.animatePageOnPlayerTop
  • New options.openLabel and options.closeLabel to define the content for open/close switcher
  • New option to enable a pop-up player button, that will pop out the player in the pop-up
1.6 – 18.5.2014
  • Now png are used anymore, font awesome will be used for the icons
  • New layout
  • New option „keepClosedOnceClosed“: If the user closed the player, it keeps closed in the future. amplify.js is required.
  • Now when you double-click on the volume sign, you can mute/unmute the player
  • option.fillColorHover removed
  • Layout bug fixed with orientation landscape on smartphones
1.5.21 – 28.11.2013
  • Bug fixed with the soundcloud sdk
  • Support for IE7 dropped
1.5.1 – 2.10.2013
  • Fixed a bug on mobile devices when the player has no tracks
1.5 – 20.7.2013
  • Soundcloud groups are now supported
  • If soundcloud ressource was not found, you will be alert about that
  • Now you can use tracks from by just setting an URL to a track
  • Bottom player and pop-up player are now supported on iPad
  • New options to store the users playlist in the browser, so when he comes back to the website, he will see the same playlist since the last visit
  • Now you can enable/disable the playlist loop via options
  • You can chouice between 2 layouts: ‘fullwidth’ and ‘boxed’
  • New API method: selectTrack()
1.4.3 – 12.6.2013
  • Using the Javascript sdk for streaming soundcloud tracks
  • Now it does not matter when using https or http soundcloud URLs
  • Option “soundcloudText” removed, now the soundcloud logo will be shown by default
  • Nicescroll is now being used instead anti scroll
  • You do not need to include the soundmanager files, the soundcloud sdk loads the necessary files by default
1.4.21 – 17.1.2013
  • Fixed the issue when using jQuery 1.9
1.4.2 – 19.11.2012
  • Enqueue tracks from a link
  • New API method: $.fullwidthAudioPlayer.popUp();
  • New option: hideOnMobile
1.4.1 – 1.11.2012
I removed the canvas/svg code, which made the js file a quite smaller. I am using now images files for the icons. That allows you to change the icons easier than it was before.
  • New API method: $.fullwidthAudioPlayer.setPlayerPosition();
  • Updates soundmanager files
1.4 – 12.6.2012
  • Add an additional CSS file to make the player responsive
  • Enqueue tracks via CSS class
1.3.1 – 17.4.2012
  • Now you dont need to create an own souncloud key anymore
  • Sortable playlist via Drag&Drop
  • Enable base64 decoding, when you would like to hide your track URL´s with base64() PHP function
1.3 – 15.4.2012
One of the best updates I did for the audio player. The Pop-Up feature makes the player to one of the best audio player out there!!
  • Now you can pop out the player in a Pop-Up window. This enables you to play music and browsing through your site.
  • Shuffle button
  • Randomize default playlist
  • Issue fixed: When requesting a new site before playlist is created, an alert pops up
1.2 – 15.1.2012
  • Download button next to the “Check on soundcloud” button. So when its possible to download the song from soundcloud, the new button will appear and you can download the song without switching to the song page on soundcloud.
  • Notification alert removed when the player has no tracks.
1.1 – 26.11.2011
  • Custom Events that will be triggered by the player and you can listen to it and execute your own functions to it.

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21 November 11

Last Update:
21 December 14

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IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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