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Full Android App Webview Template

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Full Android App Webview Template - Item for Sale


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Smartphones have taken the world by storm and it seems that Android-based ones are ever popular. In fact, if you look at current app statistics, you’ll see that the Android app market is the fastest growing sector.

There are lots of ways to code Android Apps, but using a webview, meaning that you host the files it shows on your webserver, has a lot of advantages, particularly for the beginner. Firstly, it’s really quick and doesn’t rely on complex coding skills. Secondly, because you host the files on your normal web hosting server, you can change the content as often as you like.

This makes a webview app very flexible and particularly suited to online brochures, special offers and local business information. Your app will take up the whole screen, with a button at the bottom for users to click to visit a webpage of your choice.

This zip file gives you the files you need to have a working webview app very simply and quickly. You need to have Eclipse and Android SDK installed and know how to compile an app, but after that, it’s a copy and paste job!

Extra included features include allowing users to zoom in on your content to make it easier to read, double-tap to zoom, and giving them the choice of saving the app to their phone or SD card.

Apps made using this and my other template can be found at– over 24,000 downloads (as of 20th Feb 2012) and counting…

Please read the FAQS before contacting me – there’s a few issues easily resolved, and if not, then at least you know what details to send me:)

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13 January 12

Last Update:
13 January 12

Files Included:
.java, .xml

Mobile OS:
Android OS 2.2


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