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Form-Presto is a Php / Xml / jQuery script that that helps in generating great looking HTML forms instantly. Just 2 lines of code

update_280412 update_280412

You edit some.xml files, upload, and the form is ready to go.

FORM PRESTO is Html5/Html 1.0 strict/Css3 valid

Valid HTML 5 Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valido Css 3


  • HTML 5 / XHTML Strict validated
  • CSS3 validated
  • Full UTF8 support for accented chars, even in the plain/text email transmitted data
  • Tested in Firefox 5, Chrome18.0, Safari 5.1, IE8.0, works even in IE7 (detected via php) with fixed width layout (because css3 box-sizing declaration doesn’t work)
  • All code (jQuery snippets too) is packed in a 30Kb.php file
  • Css & Javascript output automatic minification (in the source you can see and eventually edit the code as usual, but in the webpage it will appear minified)
  • Htacces security file included, has the function to secure the data folder content


  • Mobile ready, thanks to the css3 box-sizing liquid layout, is displayed perfectly on all devices, regardless of resolution
  • Multilanguage (up to 6 languages but others may be added fast and easy modifying php code)
  • Multiple form instances in one page
  • Manages title, subtitle, description of the form
  • You can add as many field as you need even the more complicated form becomes easy
  • Manage all field types textbox, textarea, select, checkbox, radio, divider, contentbox, googlemap, fileupload, button (.jpg images can also be loaded as form fields)
  • For each field you can edit label, description, tooltip message, initial value, options and custom error message
  • Inline jQuery validation, no page refresh, form submits only if validations rules are fulfilled.
  • Inline serialized data submission
  • Customisable email message for Administrator
  • Optional carbon copy emails for Administrator’s staff
  • Optional customisable confirm email message for users, with submitted data resume
  • Customisable thankyou/success screen with a confirm message, and even an optional “long text” useful to display statements, clauses, notices etc.
  • Support geocoded Google maps, simply type address, set zoom level and you can manage infowindow data too!
  • Zoomable galleries, polls, surveys!
  • Direct loading of jpg images as the same as normal form-fields
  • Support file upload with filetype and maxsize validation, with option to decide i attach or link the uploaded file (1 upload for each form, but in the next release there will be multiple uploads)
  • Optional submissions archive in.csv file or Mysql table (appends date of submission and IP too)
  • Optional after submit URL redirect
  • Built-in antispam: fake bot-only visible fields (honey-pot)
  • Built-in security token (antiCSFR)


  • Jquery realtime Regex validation, with optional custom errors for each field – Preselected rules :
    required / rightanswer (md5 encrypt) / allowedfile(for upload) / onlyletters / onlynumbers / phone / email / url / morethan3 / morethan10 / lessthan3 / lessthan10
  • Full field dimension error messages (jQuery fading in & out)


  • Template based, revolutionize the entire look of a form by simply setting 10/15.xml parameters and overriding 14.png images (backgrounds)
  • Automatic pixel-perfect o percent-perfect dimensioning of each field, obtained with nested divs and CSS3 box-sizing declaration.
  • Liquid or pixel based width of each field, with multicolumn auto positioning when fields <100% or < of the form pixel width.
  • Optional height override for every field generated (field height is content based by default)
  • Simply organize order and width of each field simply renaming the.xml file (So there is no need to open.xml files to change order positioning or dimensions)


Super easy for beginners:

  • 5 skins included
  • “ready to go” & “advanced-forms” examples included

Interesting for intermediate or advanced user:

Source contains some useful Php / Xml / Css tricks, for example:

  • Load and display multilanguage content from xml files via SimpleXML function
  • Generate dynamic CSS via php and xml loaded variables
  • Generate “perfect width” nested elements with CSS3 box-sizing declaration
  • jQuery onSubmit inline validation with fadeIn & fadeOut error divs

There are also some quite useful functions you’ll find in php source:

  • ThisPageURL to get the current URL complete with variables
  • PerfectAscii to sanitize non ascii chars from any string
  • PerfectMailutf8 to manage correctly accented chars in the email messages
  • PerfectAttachment to manage email with attachements

Tips and tricks

FormPresto is Swiss Army knife, with a bit of fantasy you can setup:

  • Image galleries with jQuery zoom : with dynamic.jpg loading (see example)
  • Surveys: with textbox/rightanswer fields(see example)
  • Captchas:with textbox/rightanswer fields
  • Password panels: textbox/rightanswer and URL redirect
  • Download managers: textbox/rightanswer and URL redirect to file
  • Multilanguage simple pages: using contentbox fields
  • Googlemaps display: using googlemap fields (see example)
  • Polls widgets:using.csv tostore submitted data (see example)

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24 April 12

Last Update:

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.0 - 5.2


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