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Flipper jQuery plugin for adding flickable and mobile ready book widget your site. Customer Support Mobile Ready Flipper built with mobile devices mind. fact, works even better touchscreen than using can also responsive with single line CSS. See the demo! Works with any content You can use Flipper display images, text, videos, really any content that you want. You are free use HTML and CSS customize the looks the content. What Browser support Flipper couple years old and handles old browsers well. browser support CSS3 transitions. Flipper will fall back jQuery and still work fine. Flipper jQuery plugin that lets you transform any content beautiful widget Does support touchscreen Yes Flipper very optimized for touchscreen. fact, feels even better when you flick the pages with your finger Can change the size the course. The plugin can Live Demo Customer Support provide the best support possible. December 2014 launched custom ticket support system for our customers you need any help with our products. please click the button below Submit Ticket Since December 2014 are WEBCRAFTY


What is Flipper?

Flipper is a jQuery plugin that lets you transform any content to a beautiful book-like widget!

Does it support touchscreen devices?

Yes! Flipper is very optimized for touchscreen. In fact, it feels even better when you flick the pages with your finger!

Can I change the size of the widget?

Of course. The plugin can accept width and height as parameters.

Can I remove any of the UI elements of the widget?

Sure. You can specify in the parameters if you wish to disable the arrows or the pager.

Do I have to use just text?

Absolutely not. You can stick whatever HTML you want in the content!

What about older browsers?

If the browser doesn’t support CSS3 3D transforms, the widget gracefully falls back to pure jQuery. As a best practice, it doesn’t do browser sniffing!

And as a nice bonus, the UI elements that come with the script are Retina display ready. Cool stuff :)

Change Log

Version 1.0.1

  • Bug fixes! Whoever finds a single bug gets a cookie! :)

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25 April 12

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IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

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jQuery, Other


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