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.NET / Forms

FEVOR Validation Library

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FEVOR Validation Library - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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FEVOR is an abbreviation for Fluent Extensible Validator and it’s a.NET validation library with lots of features that simplify the validation process in development by abstracting away the complex logic of conditional statements.


  • it can be used on any.NET project
  • removes conditional statements clutter by making use of a fluent syntax;
  • no need to learn any attributes or interfaces to extend it (it’s all based on extension methods);
  • makes validation code readable even for non-developers, making it easy to maintain it;
  • contains type-specific validation rules, but also generic rules that can be used on any type;
  • gives you two options of extending it;
  • has a built-in system for failure handling;
  • choose from four types of warning methods, or use different ones on each validation group;
  • has full support for NULL values/objects;
  • has built-in error messages that can be easily overridden with your own;
  • has a rich set of validation rules for the most common needs of a developer.

Included in the package

  1. The library’s source code which is heavily documented using XML tags;
  2. A WinForms demo application;
  3. Full API documentation in HTML and PDF format, with examples;
  4. A complete PDF tutorial with 3 levels full of code samples, explaining every feature of this library;
  5. A diagram exposing every member of this library.


  • .NET Framework 4.0;
  • Works on any type except dynamic types.

Sample code

Here’s a quick sample code to give you an idea of how FEVOR will enhance your validation process:

 "abcdef".Check("s").IsNotNull().IsLongerThan(1, "string too short").IsAlpha("the string should have only letters!").IsValidHexColor("this is not a valid HEX color"); n.Check("n").IsInRange(-10,10).IsGreaterThan(0); 

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30 September 10

Last Update:
30 September 10

Compatible Browsers:
Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari

Files Included:

Software Version:
.NET 4.0


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