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FbLikeStatus - Facebook Like Status Script

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FbLikeStatus - Facebook Like Status Script - Item for Sale


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Build your own Facebook Community!

FbLikeStatusis a powerful PHP script to help youeasily create a status and quotes website that Facebook users can “like” and that is heavily focused around this.Since the stuff they like show up in their FB profile and consequently in the news feed of their friends,this makes the whole website EXTREMELY viral!Also, websites created with FbLikeStatus aresentenced to live and grow on autopilotbecause users add their own content!

The perfect Facebook viral marketing tool, that works as anautomatic way to make money with FaceBookIt is maybe the best and easiest next-to-free way right nowto generate a HUGE amount of leadsand to multiply your list; it’s designed to be as simple, easy and enjoyable to use as possible for the users, while as effective and easy to maintain as possible for the site owner.

After you set up your site and with literally next to zero promotion, by the time the first users start using your site, more users will follow, that will bring even more, and then EVEN MORE, etc, while you sit andwatch your earnings skyrocket!

Yrn, D29 Yow


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Contact [email protected]

What you get?

Script with all Features
Free Support (+Docs & Help)
Free Updates (+Request Features)
Free Install (Auto-Installer)
Convert your site to FblikeStatus (With Fee)


  • Fully compatiblewith Facebook’s Open Graph
  • SEO Friendly
  • MultilangageEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and more.
  • Share text, images, videos and games
  • AutoPost to Facebook wall
  • Facebook Chat
  • Admin panelproviding many useful tools.
  • Multi Design: Blue, Red, Green.
  • Auto Installer.
  • Integrated ad manager.
  • Backup/Restore DB feature.
  • Search, Show latest, Top Likes, Top Comments feature.
  • Social activity feedto show latest people that have liked something.
  • Facebook commentson every page.
  • Ability to like whole pages.
  • Categorized content.
  • EVERYTHINGyou read above is easily customizable.

Live Demo

Site Demo
Admin Demo


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to release and improving this script, with your useful advice and suggestions, we can develop the script together.


Version 1.4 – 05/08/2012
  • [Added]Facebook Chat – All posted messages will be shared to facebook user’s wall
  • [Added]Random Page – Display random status
  • [Added]Auto-Post – Post a custom message to Facebook user’s wall when he registred
  • [Added]Auto-Post – Post the shared status to Facebook user’s wall when the user is logged
  • [Added]Custom Sharing Type – Enable / Disable sharing text, photo, link, game and video
  • [Added]Users Only – Restrict sharing to connected users only
  • [Added]ReadMore – You can add a maxlength of the status before insert [Read More]
  • [Added]Merge Categories – When you delete a category, you can merge all posts of this categorie to a new categorie
  • [Improved]ADS placement – Before and after the share form
  • [Improved]RSS Page – valid W3C
  • [Fixed]5 Bugs!
Version 1.3.1 – 04/14/2012
  • [Fixed]Facebook users photo
  • [Fixed]New post verification
Version 1.3 – 03/30/2012
  • [Added]German (byduzkerotzki) and Spanish (byovilpat00) Translation : Now the script is available for 6 languages!
  • [Added]Awesome “Facebook Fan Page” Box
  • [Added]Share Photo
  • [Added]Share Link : All links are nofollow
  • [Added]Share Game (Flash) : You can play the liked game in your facebook wall!
  • [Added]Add and Manage your own Custom Pages
  • [Added]Full Script is SEO Friendly : Custom Seo URLs (with your own suffix), Redirect non-www to www, Custom Keywords, Custom Description, Canonical URL, Custom 404 error page.
  • [Added]Facebook Login with your own application
  • [Added]Facebook Users Gallery
  • [Added]Track And Manage your Facebook Users
  • [Added]Languages Bar : Let your visitors choose their own language.
  • [Added]Youtube API Integration : No more youtube limit!
  • [Added]Social Interaction Analytics : Go to your Google Analytics and see all facebook actions: like, unlike, comment, uncomment
  • [Added]Delete Multiple Facebook Status
  • [Improved]OpenGraph : Facebook meta tags improved. Full Script is 100% compatible with Facebook.
  • [Improved]Like/Share Action : Facebook status is automatically added in the wall of the visitor, but also a new Facebook page is created!
  • [Improved]Youtube Links Algorithm
  • [Improved]All code (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP) optimized and simplified : Load your pages faster!
  • [Improved]Security : Data and Upload Functions
  • [Fixed]35 Bugs!

Version 1.2 – 02/27/2012

  • [Added]Multilangage Script: English, Frensh, Italian(design007) and Turkish(yigitavsar) translation added
  • [Added]Facebook API Integration
  • [Added]Moderate Facebook Comments
  • [Added]Share video (youtube only)
  • [Added]Enlarge Thumbnail of FB Status
  • [Added]Google Analytics Integration
  • [Added]Word Wrap
  • [Added]Admin last login
  • [Added]Version Checking in admin
  • [Improved]Share status template
  • [Improved]Ads in single status page
  • [Improved]SEO: Title and description of pages
  • [Improved]Database tables fields and type
  • [Improved]PrettyPhoto script replaced by Fancybox
  • [Fix]Comments count
  • [Fix]Show more 10 categories in admin
  • [Fix]Edit category of FB Status in admin
  • [Fix]Banned IP can’t send new FB Status

Version 1.1 – 02/19/2012

  • [Added]Default thumbnail for a category
  • [Added]Define size of facebook status thumbnail
  • [Added]Minimum characters to submit a FB Status
  • [Added]jQuery submit form validator
  • [Added]RSS Feed
  • [Fix]Facebook confirm like
  • [Fix]Several Bugs
  • [Improved]Now script support “Leaderboard : 728×90” ad
  • [Improved]Ads placement

Version 1.0 – 02/17/2012

  • First Release

F.J I.AJ a. .J r.j E1r.P a. IQ.

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18 February 12

Last Update:
10 May 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


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