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Facebook Album Gallery

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Facebook Album Gallery - Item for Sale


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Facebook Album Gallery is a simple solution to allow you to easily add a Facebook gallery to a website and have it easily updated by a very well known tool – Facebook.

Try theDEMO!

Now even your Grandma can have an online gallery!

Note: Requires server “allow_url_fopen” to be on

Update v1.3.5

  • You can now use Facebook’s predefined thumbnail sizes, server straight from Facebook. This is for those people who don’t have the “allow_url_fopen” enabled, or those who want to save bandwidth.

Update v1.3

  • Added getAlbumInfo() method: returns info about the album such as name, description, date, and cover image
  • Added getAlbumCover() method: returns the albums cover image
  • Added file clear.php to easily clear the cache programmatically (useful when testing)
  • Multi user environment can be enabled (advanced)
  • Custom data store (advanced)
  • Minor enhancements and improvements

Update v1.2

  • Performance tweaks
  • Can now Retrieve and display image comments
  • Added more demos
  • Code refactoring & general minor improvements
  • Reduced requested permissions

Update v1.1.2

  • Fixes session_start warnings that happen in rare setups.

Updated v1.1

  • Added pagination support.
  • Can now add public galleries from “Pages” to your site.

Features & Benefits

  • So easy to use you don’t need a control panel.
  • Full caching. Both thumbnail images and data are cached for maximum speed. It’s the fastest script of its kind on!
  • No database. That’s one less hassle to worry about!
  • No need to “refresh” albums – they’re always up to date.
  • Display image descriptions.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation and resizing to any size you specify.
  • Images are updated and managed with Facebook.
  • Images are loaded directly from Facebook. That means lower server bandwidth usage & storage costs for you!
  • Can be integrated just about anywhere. Easily. (Nivo and PrettyPhoto code and demos included).
  • Display your private Facebook galleries.
  • Proven quality track record.
  • In-depth documentation.
  • Working demos.
  • Great product support.
  • Uses the Facebook Graph API v3.0.

  • Note: A basic knowledge of css and html is needed to display and format your gallery to your needs

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17 July 11

Last Update:
27 January 13

Software Version:
PHP 5.x

High Resolution:

Files Included:


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