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WordPress / Forms

Ether Forms Builder WordPress Plugin

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Ether Forms Builder WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Ether Form Builder WordPress Plugin is a form building tool aided with visual composer allowing creation of complex form layouts easily. It comes equipped with all commonly used form elements as well as some extra widgets accessible via interactive Drag & Drop interface. No coding knowledge required. Ether Forms is a standalone plugin fully compatible with Ether Content Builder – largely popular top content composer for WordPress.

Live site

Overview video (youtube)

Try the live demo User/Pass = demo

Problems / Need help?

DON’T USE CodeCanyon Comments for support requests as that’s not what they’re designed for. This will make our lifes easier. Thank you in advance! ;-)

Follow Support Guidelines to get in touch with us for faster turnaround.

Latest Update

2015-01-27, version 1.5.4

 Updated: Added dev version of all js sources split into chunks for all relevant scripts in locations: ether/media/scripts/dev, admin/media/scripts/dev and media/scripts/dev Hotfix: Another hotfix addressing some critical display issues introduced by previous update (scss preprocessor notices, broken admin styles) 


  • Works with all valid themes (contact us in case of problems)
  • Mobile ready / Responsiveness of all widgets and columns – ready to use with responsive layouts.
  • Handy Drag & Drop interface. What you build in the admin panel is a visual representation of what you get on the page
  • Widgets accept shortcodes and html notation
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files included)
  • Style switcher featuring dark/light presets to better match differently themed WordPress themes
  • Form entries viewable from WordPress admin
  • Form entries downloadable in the CSV format
  • Customizable Confirmation message
  • Optional email notifications
  • Predefined form elements such ass Address, Email, Telephone etc. bars with built in valitation that can be further customized
  • Customizable form submit button
  • Serverside form validation
  • Conditional logic engaging almost all available fields
  • No programming background required to create any type of form
  • Standalone plugin fully compatible with Ether Content Builder – a popular content composer for WordPress.

Form Examples

Full Widget List


Rows with specified columns. Can serve as containers for other widgets. Columns cannot be nested within each other

  • Column
  • 1/2 Columns
  • 1/3 Columns
  • 1/4 Columns
  • 1/5 Columns
  • 1/6 Columns
  • 2/3 + 1/3 Columns
  • 1/3 + 2/3 Columns
  • 3/4 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 3/4 Columns
  • 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4 Columns
  • 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2 Columns


General purpouse widgets useful in standard form applications

  • Plain text: Simple plain text widget suitable for inserting raw content or shortcodes
  • Syntax Highlighter: Implementation of code highlighting utility by Alex Gorbatchev, capable of highlighting 25 popular programming languages
  • Rich text: Advance text editor powered by TinyMCE
  • HTML: Use it for inserting custom code snippets of any kind, be it HTML, CSS, or even Javascript.
  • Heading: Hx elements from h1 to h6. Comes with a few customizable options such as text size, alignment, color, weight, style and font family from Google Fonts Directory
  • Image: Simple Image widget with a few predefined styles
  • Divider: Horizontal bar for dividing separate sections of the page. Customizable options include back to top link title and source options
  • Message: 6 message box types for special notifications. Comes with a few different style presets
  • Style: Add custom styles to your page using CSS.
  • Link: Basic link element.
  • Generic Container: Generic Container can be using for grouping widgets together without imposing any additional styling to the front-end

Form Elements

Core elements that every form consists of. All of these fields can be used as conditions in conditional fields except Textarea.

  • Text input: Classic non-specialised general purpouse input
  • File Uploader: File Uploader with optional file extension filter applicable
  • Email: Email Address field ensuring valid user input
  • Numeric: Numeric text field with optional min and max delimiters
  • URL: Address url specialised form field
  • Phone number: Phone number field with custom format setting option
  • Zip code: Zip code field with custom format setting option
  • Address: Address
  • Time: Time input with separate fields for hours and minutes
  • Hidden input: Hidden input for submiting custom hidden data
  • Checkbox: Single Checkbox field
  • Radio buttons: Multiple radio buttons grouped together
  • Checkbox Group: Multiple of checkboxes grouped together
  • Select: Select input with predefined data sets
  • Textarea: Textarea
  • Date: Date field with optional min/max year range


In case of any troubles use and abuse sources below as much as you need.

*Use file archiver such as WinRar or other compression software. In case you don’t know how google it, it’s very very simple ;-)

Note: We usually respond within 1-7 days from reporting the issue.


In case of any troubles you talk to us directly so let’s get to know each other better. We’re WordPress enthusiasts. We live in Poland. We develop for web independently full-time. This should do for starters. Want to know more – message us. Cheers!

Update Log

2015-01-27, version 1.5.4

 Updated: Added dev version of all js sources split into chunks for all relevant scripts in locations: ether/media/scripts/dev, admin/media/scripts/dev and media/scripts/dev Hotfix: Another hotfix addressing some critical display issues introduced by previous update (scss preprocessor notices, broken admin styles) 

2015-01-05, version 1.5.3

 Hotfix: Broken columns styles 

2015-01-04, version 1.5.2

 Fixed: links to online docs/support in Ether section Fixed: WP 4.1 Compatibility (invisible Builder tab issue) 

2014-11-29, version 1.5.1

 Added: Can now add custom classes to form added to a page. Either via [form id="10" class="custom-class"] or in the "Misc" section when adding the form through Ether Content Builder Updated: user roles to user capabilities in scripts utilising specific WP functions Fixed: Declaration of ether_form_divider_widget::widget() should be compatible with ether_form_widget::widget($widget, $input = Array, $errors = Array) in /wp-content/plugins/ether-forms/modules/form-widget.php on line 2049 Fixed: Misc Errors when browsing form entries via WP admin Fixed: Non-Form elements such as Message boxes, images etc won\'t show up anymore in the Form Entry when browsing entries via WP admin Fixed: Non-static method ether_form::get_entry() should not be called statically in wp-content/plugins/ether-forms/modules/form.php on line 1255 

2014-11-17, version 1.5

 Added: Documentation section regarding creation of custom widgets Updated: Date Widget: Added date display order option 

2014-11-06, version 1.4.9

 Updated: Styles on mobile devices 

2014-10-27, version 1.4.8

 Added: Admin: Main editor: Required marker for required fields Updated: Admin: Form options; Vertical size of textarea fields. This option is available for change both globally in Ether > Forms and directly for text area widget when editing a specific form Updated: ether.js core update for dynamic label (admin) Updated: Form Options styles 

2014-10-20, version 1.4.7

 Added: All widgets can be now made dependent on conditional fields. (Meaning you can toggle the visibility of classic widgets such as headings and messages the same way as you would for form element widgets) Added: Divider Widget live preview Added: Form Option: Validation messages style in Form > General options when editing a form Added: Main editor css styles minor adjustments Added: Row/Column widgets can be also made dependent on conditional fields the same way the classic & form element widgets Added: Support for optional multiple selections for the select widget element Added: Toggle widget visibility button in the widget toolbar in the main editor view Added: Widget: Generic Container: can be using for grouping widgets together without imposing any additional styling to the front-end Fixed: Heading Widget displaying title twice in main editor view Fixed: Styles of Validation error messages that appear on form submit when the form isn\'t filled in properly Fixed: Widget edit metabox disappearing when hide this widget option is on and mouse pointer goes out of the metabox bounds 

2014-10-17, version 1.4.6

 Updated: Form widgets icons Updated: More distinguishable visual feedback on widget elements in main editor view for all form widgets Updated: renamed admin/media/scripts/live-previews.js to admin/media/scripts/form-live-previews.js Updated: renamed admin/media/scripts/widgets.js to admin/media/scripts/form-widgets.js Fixed: Additional classes not applied for all for elements Hotfix: Form elements labels & descriptions in widget select metabox 

2014-10-16, version 1.4.5

 Updated: JS & CSS Core Updated: Widget short info in widgets select metabox 

2014-10-08, version 1.4.4

 Updated: Divider widget Updated: Documentation, minor tweaks Fixed: Button display on Front-end; Added button styles: Thin border and Flat Fixed: Conditional logic in Admin and Front-end; Tweaked Admin UI 

2014-09-25, version 1.4.3

 Added: Admin: Ether: Hide "Ether Board" widget from the Dashboard Widgets option Added: Admin: Ether: Hide "Ether" entry from the Admin Toolbar Updated: Ether JS Core tweaks Updated: renamed admin/media/stylesheets/forms-preview-theme.css to admin/media/stylesheets/ether-forms-preview-theme.css Fixed: Icon chooser UI not showing up after 1.9.7 update 

2014-09-07, version 1.4.2

 Added: Widget options: Divider: Custom top/bottom spacing Updated: Core: Minor Javascript tweaks Fixed: WordPress 4.0 Compatibility: (main editor tabs overlapping builder widgets modal window) 

2014-08-23, version 1.4.1

 Updated: Admin UI tweaks Fixed: Admin UI: Drag&Drop behaviour when inserting widgets into/out of columns Fixed: Front end: Divider, List, Message, Post Feed, Page Feed, Custom Feed: Tweaked styles Fixed: Front+Admin: Divider widget: Tweaked styles Fixed: Javascript core: Conditional fields: multiple [OR] conditions 

2014-08-16, version 1.4

 Updated: Admin & front-end: Javascript core tweaks Updated: Admin pages: Ether, Update, License Updated: Admin UI: UI Tweaks Updated: Widget: Divider: Options added: Border style, width, color, text color; Updated preview Updated: Widget: Heading: Options added: Font size, font family (500 fonts from Google Fonts Directory), font color, font weight, font style; Updated preview Fixed: Core: Conditional fields issue with multiple and-conditions per group 

2014-08-09, version 1.3.9

 Added: Admin UI: Builder widgets filter clear button Added: Admin UI: Unwrap row option for column widget Added: Admin UI: Widget move up/down quick access buttons Updated: Admin UI: Revisited column widget UI Updated: Admin UI: Revisited tooltips gfx & behaviour Updated: Admin UI: Revisited widget edit metabox checkboxes visual feedback Fixed: Admin UI: Page not scrolling up anymore upon widget removal 

2014-08-04, version 1.3.8

 Updated: separated classic builder widgets from form elements in widgets select metabox Updated: Widget Icons Hotfix: Minor CSS tweaks (Ether Content Builder v193 compatibility update) 

2014-07-28, version 1.3.7

 Updated: Changed: Admin Core: Removed widget excerpts, replaced them with widget summary Updated: Admin: major admin javascript core update Updated: Revisited Admin Interface styles Updated: Revisited Widget Summary description for all Widgets Fixed: Admin: builder widgets metabox tabs behaviour when specific widget group is empty after filtering 

2014-07-05, version 1.3.6

 Updated: Changed: Reorganised Builder Widgets Select Metabox Updated: Admin Pages Layout and Styles Updated: Ether core compatibility update 

2014-06-24, version 1.3.5

 Added: Heading Widget: Text Alignment option Updated: Admin: Minor CSS adjustments Updated: Minor core tweaks Updated: Optimized Widget edit metabox loading times 

2014-06-10, version 1.3.4

 Added: Admin: <strong>Toggle visibility</strong> option for all widgets allowing for quick toggle of a widget without the need to delete/remove it. It\'s accessible both in Widget Modal Edit under the Misc section or upon hovering over the ite Updated: Core Update Updated: Admin: Widgets: Image, Divider, Heading, Plain Text 

2014-05-23, version 1.3.3

 Updated: Admin: CSS tweaks, revisited some styles Updated: Changed: Admin: Reorganised Widget Metabox - separated columns from widgets Fixed: Admin: Disapearing widgets Fixed: Admin: Jerky behaviour of content generated with Ether Content Builder when loading WP Editor just before Ether Builder css gets applied 

2014-03-28, version 1.3.2

 Fixed: ether.js error when in Appearance > Customize Fixed: inserting images via add media button into the visual editor 

2014-03-24, version 1.3.1

 Fixed: fixed WordPress 3.9 compatibility Fixed: Ether > UPDATE Removed: removed mysql_real_escape_string() in ether.php and replaced it with esc_sql Removed: removed wp_tiny_mce() deprecated call 

2013-12-03, version 1.2.1

 Added: Option to BCC form sender (Via Email Widget with "Send form entry copy to this email address" option selected) Fixed: Conditional fields in Form options Fixed: MP6 plugin compatibility Fixed: strict error in ether_form_row_base_widet Fixed: Widget edit modal window save/discard buttons not visible IE9 bug 

2013-09-12, version 1.2

 Added: Revisited styles Fixed: checkbox validation Fixed: redirect option Fixed: scripts and styles are loaded only when necessary 

2013-06-12, version 1.1

 Added: classes for columns Added: function for listing entries Added: shortcode (form-entries) to list the entries in the front end Fixed: Allowed formats for zip codes Fixed: bug in the checkbox group Fixed: download entries bug Fixed: empty label and value in the form entry Fixed: missing builder header Fixed: Styling of entries sent via email Fixed: Visual composer compatibility (edit popup modal not showing up) 

2013-04-05, version 1.0.1

 Fixed: Error preventing from accessing form entries Fixed: Styling of entries sent via email 

2013-01-04, version 1.0

 Added: Initial Release 

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6 February 13

Last Update:
28 January 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1


eCommerce, All Items, columns, conditional logic, contact form, content builder, drag and drop, form builder, form generator, serverside validation, visual composer, visual form generator, wordpress forms