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Envato User Dashboard Wordpress Plugin

— Add-On to

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Envato User Dashboard Wordpress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Please go to Wordpress Envato User Dashboard for check out demo action.


Wordpress Envato User Dashboard use Envato API to display all information from user to my Wordpress.

With Wordpress Envato User Dashboard, you can Grab all Envato portfolio to wordpress, settings automatic send email when balance change, control use affiliate in item link.

Other, Wordpress Envato User Dashboard provide widgets direct get new item from Envato branchs with grid and list layout and shortcode show all portfolio from user.

With many above features, hope you will enjoy. Don’t forget rating for this item if you like.


  • Auto send email notification when balance change.
  • Auto grab Envato portfolio to wordpress and send email notification.
  • Display Envato User stats as statements, Recent Sales and Earnings & Sales by Month.
  • Control use Affiliate in item link or no.
  • Provide widgets new item from Envato branchs with grid and list layout.
  • Provide shortcode show all portfolio from user.
  • Use Envato API get direct information of items.
  • Support for newest wordpress version.


Email notification when balance change
YkHOO! MAIL CONTACTS CAL ENOAR Envto Balance Chaa. Delete Move Spam OAclla.s. Draft Sent Enveto Auto Email Enveto Balance Spam

Aj4OOV MAIL s.wciuaiiJ SwchWib DeIe biiwe. IflbOX Envato Drags From WPE oAaOEm Sent Spam Trash Your C0uflt balance Current Last sales Date Item Amoint Rate Wed. Jun 2013 Wodpress Mvanced Paling System 1500 Sun. Jun 2013 Wotdpress Advanced Paling System Sat. Jun 2013 Wodpress External Media Grabber 5600 Fri. May Werdpriss Advanced Paling System Fri. May 2013 Woldpress Advanced Paling System Thu. May2013 Wotdpress External Media Grabber 57.00 Wed. May 2013 Werdpress Advanced Raling System Mon. May Wordpress External Media Grabber Sun. May2013 Wodpriss External Media Grabber Thu. May Woidpress External Media Grabber TIN THE Last statements DEN CHUYN VIA HE. ken YhO No. Date Type Amoent Description sale WordptessAdvancedRalingSystem

Email notification when grabbed new portfolio
MAIL sean Mad Searei Web INGOX CDII Eavetonrwporffobo Zcocwoee. jDelele buose. Ospan. CActoes. Envato new portfolio iron VePEnvatoAutoEma FOtDS NewlterngGrabbe46 No. Date Envato Market PMce Twa Pita 3120462 Codecayon Pflcai CSS3 Pflcino Gild for Wflress 411150 Codeca.yon Pncer2 CS33 Priana Grid 241677 Codecawon 166140 Co4eCwon PflcrPrlcCGfld 201141.11 151740 Codecanyon SmastBufloM Pack 146135 CodeCanton taa

User Dashboards
Total Recent Sales RECENT SALES Shows the recent sates users hems. Date Item Amount Rate Sat Jun 2013 Wordpress Media 6.00 F,l. May 2013 Advanced Rang System 600 Fd. May 2013 Wonwess Advanced R.alng System 5.00 Thu. Hay 2013 Wordpess Eatenal Media GrabOer 7.00 Wed. May2013 Wordgwess Advanced Raing System 5.00 Mon. May 2013 Wordpress EatenaI GrabOet 6.00 sam. May Wordpress Edemal Grabber 700 Thu. May E,lernai Media Grabher 6.00 Thu. May Wordpre Edemal Media Graboer 6.00 Wed, May2013 Wordwess Advanced Raeng System 5.00 Fd. May 2013 Wordpress Advanced Ra4ng System 5.00 Tue. May 2013 Wordpress Advanced Ra8ng System 600 Tue. Worress Advanced Rabng System 5.00 Mon. May 2013 WOrdreSS Advanced Raing System 5.00 Stat. WordpressAdvanced

Shortcode display list Portfolio
Envato Portfolio Sort Price ASC 3DOcean ActiveDen GraphicRiver PhotoDune AudioIunle CodeCanvon Heart Heart 440 Sales Sales Sales Sales Envato Dashboard Heart Model Sales Tleable Snow Texture Wdget 1r1c4.I TIJJITTCfl CLO Sales Twitter Wal for Moble S. DropUnk Sales raw Sales oki jetty 216 Sales t6tors onbe Sales thorns among fbwers Sales Soursop Sales deserted Sales yelow cwers white. saes amazing tea house Sales Sales Fresh Greenery bndscape sales 53.00 Purple Fbwer saies 3.00 church window Sales deldous strawberries ModPewritefJ 554 Sales Mod Rewriter Sales yekw focus Sales Green Tranqulty Sales 124 Sales Under Construction Admn Sales white and pink 173 Sales Currency Converter Sales Red and Green Sales Sales S3.00 Sales

Widget with Grid layout
NEW ITEMS WITH GRID LAYOUT Responsive Circular Pricing Tables Countdown CSS3 jOuefy 1145 Sales 54.00 221 Sales 55.00 Responsive CSS3 Circular Countdown Pricing T. jQuery. Mega Menu Mega Drop Reloaded Down Menu 1170 Sales 55.00 8359 Sales 55.00 Mega Menu CSS3 Mega Drop Reloaded Down Menu HoverMe 112 Sales 54.00 615 Sales S3.00 Responsive CSS3 HoverMe Multi Dro. Collection C. Form Elemeiits Responsive Meqa Menu jOuery 306 Sales 54.00 3564 Sales 55.00 CSS3 Form Responsive Mega Elements Pack Menu Comp. Side Menu Hover Effects Verion 1.0 135 Sales 54.00 189 Sales CSS3 Side Menu CSS3 Image Hover Effects

Widget with List layout
NEW ITEMS WITH LIST LAYOUT Responsive CSS3 Pricing Responsive Tables Pricing Tables cssa 1145 Sales 54.00 Circular Countdown Circular jQuery Plugin Countdown jouery 221 Sales 55.00 Mega Menu Reloaded Mega Menu Reloaded 1170 Sales 55.00 jQuery CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu Down Menu 8359 Sales 55.00 Responsive CSS3 Multi Multi Drop Down Men. DownMenu 112 Sales 54.00

Change logs

  • 05/06/2013: Version 1.0.1 released.
    + Fix some small bug and add some new functions.
  • 01/06/2013: Version 1.0 initial release.

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4 June 13

Last Update:
6 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0


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