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PHP Scripts / Miscellaneous

Envato Marketplaces Shop

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Envato Marketplaces Shop - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Envato Marketplace Shop is an intuitive and flexible tool which you can use either on your website or separate to show off your items you’re selling in any of the Envato Marketplaces. It is specifically designed for Envato authors as it cannot be useful for other things but Envato related API operations. At it’s core, has a PHP Class which does almost anything this item is capable of.

Beside the main role of this item, which is displaying your items in a more appealing way, it’s also capable of other API related operations:

  • @user_items_by_site ~ You can use it to fetch data ( number figures ) about some user’s items ( the ones he has for sale)
  • @new_files_from_user ~ Fetch the items the user has for sale, but by marketplace
  • @item_details ~ Grab details about some item by calling this method applied to the item’s id
  • @user_information ~ Get some general information about an user by applying the method to the username
  • @get_all_items_by_site ~ Fetch all the items a user has for sale by site, and all data about those items
  • @get_all_items ~ Fetches all the items the user has for sale but not organized on marketplace, and all data about the items
  • @account_information ~ Display your account information after setting up the files and configuring the envato config files
  • @verify_purchase ~ Verify if one has purchased your item by one providing the purchase code, it returns false if incorrect or data about the purchase if succesful
  • @earnings_by_month ~ It gets some general figures about user’s sales by month
  • @statement ~ Fetches all data about everything a user sold or got in the past 30 days
  • @fetch_products_from_table ~ It fetches all the items the user has for sale from the database, it updates if two hours has passed since last requested
  • @fetch_account_info_from_table ~ It fetches account information about the user which is stored in the database and updated each two hours since last requested

The operations above are just some basic API operations which are handled witch cURL, because the main purpose is displaying the items you have for sale in a more appealing way. All you need is your private API key and your username to make it work.

Furthermore, it is also integrated with an open source jQuery plugin, developed by Luis Almeida ( he also helped integrating it ) which makes it even more fun browsing through the items. And it can be configured to adapt to any screen size you wish just by changing a few options in the plugin. It has extensive options which are very easy to adjust and you can learn more about it on the project page ( found down in the resources ). And most importantly it has awesome CSS3 animations which are merged together with the jQuery plugin.

For those using a CSS framework, I have developed the styles with LESS, so it can be easier to edit if needed or to do any changes you may want to do. And for viewing the preview images for each item, I have integrated the jQuery Lightbox Evolution for making the user interface as friendly and fun as possible. It is purchased with Extended License so you can use it without problems on your website or your client’s website, but you cannot sell it further without having the Extended License too.

As a quick example of how the core class is called and it’s public methods are used, read the following code example:

 <php /* Get the class first so you can instantiate it with a variable */ require 'assets/class/envato/envato_api_class.php'; /* Instantiate the class with a variable */ $envato = new envato_api_class; /* Call a public method | The method returns an array with all the items you have for sale and all the data about them which is available through API */ $items = $envato->fetch_products_from_table();?> 

And lastly here’s a list of resources that have been used to built this item, all are open source and / or have an extended license:
 Changelog Date -application v1.0 released 18.04.2012 -in pending for sale on Envato Marketplaces 18.04.2012 -approved for sale 19.04.2012 -fixed database update when a new item it's in the portfolio 19.04.2012 

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19 April 12

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PSD

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x


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