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Encrypted Cloud Storage

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Codifica support is currently unavailable

Hi everybody, clients and non-clients or future clients of Codifica!

We’re getting a lot of questions from all of you, which we currently haven’t answered yet. As most of you know, Codifica is known for its super-fast and good support. However, this time of the year, we have to deal with our examinations, which we would very much like to pass with not too much difficulties. Therefore, we have to push our Codifica projects back for a while to make time for those examinations. We will get back to you with our full time and attention in 2 to 3 weeks.

About the admin panel: we started working on this, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to finish it. But don’t worry, we will develop it further in 2 to 3 weeks, then you can get back to us for updates on this topic via our Twitter or account.
About the live preview: there slipped a bug in our demo-login-script which is why some people are unable to login. We will fix this as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Sam & Michiel

Encrypted Cloud Storage

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We’ve created this ‘encrypted cloud storage system’ for people who need a simple, clean and save online file storage system. It’s very easy for users to upload, manage and download files from their own user account, and even share their files with other users, using the sharing-link. It’s likeDropbox, but onlysaferand you can’t be sued for what your users upload!

The file storage system encryptes the files after they are uploaded, so without the private decryption key, they are not readable, not even for you.

Encryption means no unwanted persons looking into your folders

We provided a simple install-file, that does most of the installation work for you, as we explain in de ‘Installation’-tab in the included documentation.

Start your own cloud storage system TODAY!

What others are saying

You read my mind, i’ve been searching the past two weeks for this kind of script! Now to build upon a great piece of work, can’t wait for updates!
Thank you so much for your awesome and super fast support really appreciated :)


  • Unlimited users
  • Encrypting / decrypting
  • Create folders
  • Multiple upload
  • Drag ‘n’ drop
  • Right click menu
  • Double click action
  • Drag files into folders
  • Share files with people
  • Clean layout
  • Password recovery
  • Settings page
  • Installation file


Update 1.0.1
Online since: 07/05/2013

We found some bugs in our script which we solved with this update
  • The ‘Delete’-button from our open-source upload script for non-saved uploaded files didn’t seem to work properly for all servers. With this update, we added a ‘Delete All’-button, that deletes all non-saved uploaded files. This will work on all servers.
  • The .htaccess-file is now included in the script. In this file, you can change the maximum upload size for a file.
Changed files: ‘index.php’, ‘filemanager.php’
New files: ’.htaccess’ (hidden)

We are working on a bigger update as well with some new features such as ‘multiple account type support’ (with different maximum storage space) and an ‘admin panel’.

Thank you for purchasing our system!


Demo account

E-mail [email protected]
Password demo

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5 May 13

Last Update:
8 May 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


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