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Email Spider Webpage Email Extractor

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Email Spider Webpage Email Extractor - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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UPDATE AS OF 08-21-14: I will be releasing a new version (under a new project manager). The new version will feature MANY new options and also a web based version. THE NEW VERSION HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET. This is simply a PSA. - - -

Email Spider is a fast multi-threaded application that “scrapes” email addresses from given URL’s. You can import both emails and link allowing you to remove duplicates if need be. Crawl a little or crawl a lot at once, it’s up to you!

Version 1.1 (January 10, 2012)


  • UI update New elements have been added and the interface has been moved around a bit. New status bars at the bottom: gray indicates the email count being scanned and total when finished with a scan and the blue bar is the status of a crawler or an import or export.
  • Fixed threading bug – No checks were being made on currently running threads, there are no longer thread crashes if someone doesn’t wait till the last spider is done crawling.
  • Blank/empty links no longer added – It was possible to enter blank link, this is no longer an issue.


  • Config file – There is now a configuration file that accompanies the application. You can set various settings in here like the Google Search API key.
  • Link gathering – Email spider now allows you to gather links from websites that will populate your link list for you. You can find this option under the Crawler menu.
  • Google searches – Email spider now allows you to use the Google Search API (with your key of course) to perform Google Searches. These searches will automatically parse the links into your link listing. You must specify your api key in the config.ini file.
  • Context menus – You now have the ability to right click the emails and link lists for quicker access to remove links, emails and clear the lists.
  • Recursive directory searches – EmailSpider now supports recursive directory searching.
  • Document searching – We currently recognize up to 3 different types of files that you can extract emails from: HTML, TXT and DOCX files. These also apply when searching directories recursively.

Version 1.0 (December 24, 2011)

  • Initial release

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24 December 11

Last Update:
21 April 15

High Resolution:

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Application Runtime:
.NET 4


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