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WordPress / eCommerce / WooCommerce

Elavon VirtualMerchant Gateway for WooCommerce

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Elavon Converge Payment Gateway for WooCommerce - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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The Elavon Converge Payment Gateway for WooCommerce allows you to accept credit card payments directly on your website, giving you complete control over the entire customer experience. Customers will not be redirected during payment allowing you to maintain your brand throughout the purchasing process.

    1. Accept payments directly on your website.
    2. Card Security Code validation for fraud protection.
    3. Address Verification Service (AVS) validation for fraud protection.
    1. Wordpress 3.8 or above.
    2. WooCommerce 2.1.0 or above.
    3. A Converge account (formerly virtual merchant).
    4. A valid SSL, and the force secure checkout option enabled in WooCommerce.
    About Elavon’s Converge:

    Elavon’s online software solution Converge, formerly VirtualMerchant, is a complete, hosted payment solution for in-person, mail order/telephone order and e-commerce transactions. All payment information is hosted and stored by Elavon, minimizing your merchants’ data security concerns. For more information on this payment platform, visit Elavon’s Converge website at

    Converge is available in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    Installation is Quick and Easy:
    1. From your Wordpress admin dashboard, select “Plugins”
    2. Select the “Add New” link followed by the “Upload” link
    3. Select the “Choose File” button
    4. Browse your computer to the downloaded “” file and select “Open”
    5. Select “Install Now”
    6. Click on the “Activate Plugin” link, and the plugin is installed!
    7. Make sure the “Force Secure Checkout” option is enabled within WooCommerce
    Feel free to contact me through my profile if you have any questions:

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28 August 12

Last Update:
2 May 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Files Included:

Software Version:
WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8


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