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EGi Commerce

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EGi Commerce - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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We accept no liability if Apple does not endorse this application.
For now PayPal disabled in your library, then the payment is not working. Shortly be releasing an update, with the latest version of the library PayPal.
Please do not leave negative comments, put 5 stars to encourage us to do a good job! :)

EGi Commerce is an e-commerce platform application for iPhone.
With this source code you can create your personal application and sell your products on the device most used in the world.
Is very expensive to develop an application like this, but you can buy the source code for a very low price. This application uses PayPal, so your customers are quiet and you receive payments instantly. Brilliant!

C3V 3ITA zr.Irr1c Hard Disk 2,5 sata 500gb Toshiba 59.47 Hard Disk 3,5 sata 1000gb ltb Samsung 199.00 Hard Disk 3,5 sata 2000gb 2tb Seagate 8.00 Create your iPhone E.Commerce Application has never been easy! The first source code application. complete Premium Xcode Project. IA, Designed and Developed

- 4 Images in HD for each product. (Without slowing down, the application loads only wat that the client wants to see.)
- Customers can save product images or send them via email.
- 3 different options with 5 elements.
- 3 types of badges, inform your customers if the product is available, unavailable, or you have a few pieces.
- Quantity field.
- Price.
- Description.
- Customers can send a friend product info.
- Much more.

Insert your products easy and useful. Add all the products you want PhpMyAdmin and automatically appear your iPhone application. options available for this product. Description Hard Disk 3,5 sata 1000gb ltb Samsung SPECIFICHE Nurnero rnOdeIIO ST1000DMOO5 Interfaccia SATA lib Samsung 199.00 OIwtw.g. Olnstock Quantity Ii!I Produ Cart editable, customers can add remove products. PayPal module included, for fast and secure rwIi EGI Commerce ToWe USO 7200RPM., USS 16500 Oggetoc Hard Osk 3.Sso. USS 80.00 Spzione USS 6.00 Total. USS 251,00 ic..3. oeitwj PayPaI Acccd remade lma4 c1if. International 245.00 6.00 7200RPM SATA 3.5 Internal Hard Drive 165,00 500G8 Hard Disk 3.5 sata 2000gb 2tb Seagate ft.


Huge thanks to people who suggested improvements.

v1.1 (26/09/2012)

  • Solved the problems of compatibility iOS 6.
  • Fixed problems that prevented the proper functioning of simulator.
  • New configuration file.
  • Documentation changed.

v1.0 (20/09/2012)

  • First release version

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23 September 12

Last Update:

Files Included:
.m,.pch,.xib/.nib, Layered PNG

Software Version:
iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0


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