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eComments - easy commenting system

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eComments - easy commenting system - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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eComments ver1.6.3-Jan21 is now available – check the demo.
Please report any bugs you may encounter. Thank you!

Please upgrade to the new version!


 Version 1.6.3 - 01/21/2011 - up for review - removed the reset styles from css/style.css Version 1.6.2 - 01/01/2011 I want to thank Larry and Falenone for helping me with this bugs! - fixed a bug with the captcha - the captcha image wouldn't show if the page that uses the eComments app wasn't in the same directory with the app - an error was thrown in the Admin Panel when Magic Quotes were turned on Version 1.6.1 - 12/22/2010 - fixed the comment layout problem in the admin panel; sometimes the comment was stretching the table out of the layout; Version 1.6 - 10/29/2010 - added the captcha verification - added the ability to reply to a reply comment - fixed a data type bug with the ajax requests - fixed an Admin Panel bug - fixed other minor bugs Version 1.5 - 10/14/2010 - fixed a bug with utf8 character set support Version 1.4 - 10/05/2010 - added a timer for the Reload Comments Button (thank you GhoHan for the help) - fixed a delete comments bug; now when a comment is deleted, the reply comments will be deleted also Version 1.3 - 10/04/2010 - added the ability to reply to comments - added a dynamic pagination - in the Admin Panel added the ability to display comments grouped by page_id - email support for [email protected] - show/hide reload comments button 

About eComments

eComments is a Ajax based application, that gives developers a quick and easy way to add a commenting system to there pages.

eComments has been designed to be incorporated into an existing project with ease, without any conflicts with any existing code. At the same time its designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about the way the application works, giving you the chance to move forward with your project.

It is powered by jQuery and the UI by CSS3. eComments is very flexible, built to fit in the container you place it – the sizing is done automatically. eComments also offers you an easy to use Admin Panel, from where you can manage your comments.

How easy is to use?

Very easy actually.
The installation only takes like 2-3 minutes.
To add the commenting system to your pages you only need this few lines of code:
 eComments.init({ pageId: "my_page", containerId: "#comments" }); 


  • Ajax powered
  • Multi-page support
  • jQuery powered – less code, more speed, wider browser compatibility
  • 100% CSS3 UI
  • Quick and easy installation – 2-3 min
  • Quick and easy integration in your project – only a few lines of code
  • Can also be inserted using Javascript in static HTML pages – clean code
  • Easy to customize
  • No MySQL knowledge required – the app does everything for you
  • Client and server side validation
  • Fully sanitized data – Safe from MySQL injections
  • You can easily style the UI with CSS
  • Enable/Disable pagination system
  • Sort comments ascending and descending after date
  • Admin Panel for easy management of your comments
  • Step-by-step documentation included

Admin Panel Features

  • Enable/Disable comments moderation
  • Approve/Deny comments
  • Delete comments
  • Settings panel
  • Change the messages used by the application (Errors, Infos, etc)

Live preview

The live preview can be found here, at the bottom of the page. And the live preview for the Admin Panel can be found here.

Admin Panel Credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin


  • Human check/Captcha
  • Send email summery to the admin of the new comments
  • Subscribe to comments, the users who commented will receive an email when new comments are posted on that page
  • Bad-word filtering
  • Auto parse links

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28 September 10

Last Update:
22 January 11

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome 4, Chrome 5

Files Included:
PHP, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS

Software Version:
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x


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