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eBay eStore Affiliates Plugin

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eBay eStore Affiliates Plugin - Item for Sale


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EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin How would you like to have your own store where to promote and sell EBay products? EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin With our EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin you can have one up and running in just minutes.Do you know how many products are for sale on eBay? I don’t think that they can be counted :], but what I know is that you can make some good money by becoming an ebay partner and sell them. Easy to make some money to spend right?

EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin What is EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin?

eBay eStore Affiliates Plugin is a product that allows you to create a store featuring eBay products in no time. One time setup in just couple of minutes using wordpress platform and import products directly from eBay in just a flash! It doesn’t get any easier! No coding or technical skills necessary.YeStore alliliates Cinema Screen TECHNOLOGY For iPhone EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin Facebook store as well!

Why don’t we target the market from facebook as well? There are millions of users there anxious to buy! With our EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin you have the possibility to promote your store on facebook pages too. Create an application and add a tab featuring your store on facebook page right away and your visitors will be able to shop directly from your facebook business page.

Main features overview

Hello, here you’ll find the main features that are included in our EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin!
  • Install it on your wordpress website as wordpress plugin and have your store up and running in no time.
  • Has a custom theme (different from your wordpress theme) that can be personalized from administration platform.
  • Import eBay products from any eBay websites, just setup the store from configuration
  • Add your affiliate custom settings (you need to get the money too!)
  • Marketing tools – Product categories – automatically taken from eBay when importing products
  • EBay product reviews & facebook comments
  • Product details with image gallery
  • Featured products slideshow on homepage
  • Default install with auto configuration & some content.
  • Paginated products on homepage (you can setup from administration how many to display)
  • Analitycs – You can keep track on how many people clicked on a product or viewed it on administration.

EBay eStore on Facebook! – Main features overview

No! You don’t need another install in order to have your EBay eStore on facebook! You can have it both on facebook and wordpress in the same time!
  • Create a facebook application where you can easily customize the look of your store on facebook tab.
  • EBay eStore page width – optimized with the new facebook timeline – 810px wide
  • Add as tab on your facebook page the EBay eStore
  • Graphical customization – application preview images, customize the application pop’up window
  • Tab’s name customization
  • Increase your sales with Products and store sharing
  • Possible to restrict access to Fans Only
  • Full statistics and social marketing features
  • Like locker! Transform ‘like’ into ‘buy’ just like that. Make your users like your page in order to enter the store using the like locker!

Video previews & how to

EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin EBay eStore Affiliates Plugin

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8 August 12

Last Update:
28 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


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