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EasyAjax_Form - Item for Sale


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The New Update includes a simple human checker!

Here is a quote from a buyer in the comments below

Great script. Very easy to plug in and get working even if you know nothing about Javascript or Ajax. Well documented. Looks impressive in action – adds that extra touch clients like. Thanks!

Easy Ajax Form turns boring, static HTML forms into dynamic web components by adding validation and Ajax capability. You write zero lines of JavaScript.

All you have to do is add specific Easy Ajax Form markers to your HTML class attributes, like this

<input type="text" name="email" size="30" id="Email1" 

You have now created a form field that will be validated as required and email!

In addition to customizing validation for each field, you can also choose to turn off validation or Ajax capabilities for the entire form without writing any JavaScript.

If you write clean, compliant HTML but don’t like messing around with JavaScript (or you just want to save some time) this file is for you!

Version 5.5 Ready for Download!
- New version includes
- Simple CAPTCHA human checker by popular demand!
- Several small bug fixes.

- Fully customizable.
- Easily “Modernize” existing forms by linking in this script.
- Comes with aQuick Reference Guide.
- Full online documentation to guide novices and pros alike.
- You create and design your forms as you see fit. EasyAjax_Form will work around your designs.
- W3C compliant.
- Cross browser compliant.
- The JavaScript file is compliant with best practices and easily modified.
- This JavaScript component sits on top of the powerful jQuery library.
- Please note that since this is a JavaScript file, it can not connect to a database and therefore this script does not process form information. If you need help with a form handling php script, please contact me at JJStevens17atgmail

Get it today.

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4 September 09

Last Update:
4 September 09

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari

JS Library:
jQuery 1.3

Files Included:
JavaScript JS


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