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Easy Backlinks Extractor

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Easy Backlinks Extractor - Item for Sale


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Note (about the bad rate)

The engine #1 requires good quality proxies because the amount of datas to manage is huge. So, in last update, I added a second parsing engine (engine#2) that doesn’t requires proxies :)


Version 1.3
Fixed a bug with private proxies in engine #1.
Now you don’t need proxies anymore with engine #2 (just load a fake list with

Version 1.2
Fixed a stupid bug with private proxies.
Thank you Nasirkhan0 for the input:)

Version 1.1
A bug with overloaded server has been fixed.


  • Unlimited (not 1.000 limits)
  • Support private/public proxies (ip:port or ip:port:username:password)
  • Proxy retry until success
  • Auto-save backlinks (anti-crash)
  • Full threaded
  • Description

    Easy Backlinks Extractor is a small tool built to extract all backlinks from websites.

    Online web services to extract backlinks can cost several hundred dollars, but with this tool it will cost you only $4.

    You have just to load a list of proxies and a list of URLs, and to click a button. Proxies are automatically saved in text file at root directory. So you can stop or kill the process at anytime without loosing datas. Private proxies are supported. Proxies are required.

    With Easy Backlinks Extractor you are not limited to the first 1.000 results.
    It can extract all backlinks to a website.

    Due to the large amount of datas to manage, the server can be overloaded sometimes. Don’t worry, just wait few minutes and restart the process. All will be fine !

    Important, the list of URLs must contain root URL, example
  • Good
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Bad :
  • Support

    If you find bugs or if you have features requests, feel free to ask via “Comment” area.



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    4 July 12

    Last Update:
    20 June 13

    Application Runtime:

    High Resolution:

    Compatible OS Versions:
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


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