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HTML5 / Miscellaneous

Drop n' Save - Drag & Drop Uploader

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Drop n' Save - Drag & Drop Uploader - Item for Sale


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Need to accept CVs for your recruitment business online? Want to host user images? Or simply share images & files with friends and family? The unique drop and save application allows you to add this facility to your website, today and with minimum hassle.

Build a file sharing or image hosting business with this user friendly interface or integrate it easily to enrich your existing site.

A file upload application, with the added benefit of the drag and drop functionality. Allows users to quickly and easily upload multiple files to your server by dragging & dropping them into the drop box or select files via the traditional uploader pop up, and have on-going access to them for download/sharing/modification/removal. Each upload boasts a full complement of sharing icons so files can be easily distributed to an unlimited audience at the click of a button.

* Note: The script doesn’t contain any PHP files or database migrations so it won’t save the items after a refresh / re-visiting.

* Note: Silverlight is required only if you want the drag and drop to work in Safari, the regular multi-files upload will work in all browsers either with or without silverlight


  • Fixed the upload delay bug
  • Short URLs!
  • ‘Post to Twitter’ link
  • ‘Post to Facebook’ link
  • prettyPhoto support


  • Drag and Drop feature!!
  • Allows users to upload multiple files all together
  • Powered by jQuery & AJAX
  • Very easy to integrate – Few lines of code
  • Includes 2 screen casts. One for the integrating process with your own site, and the other one is for the integrating process with WordPress
  • Each screen cast has its own text descriptive guide below it
  • Includes a multiple files uploader in addition to the drag and drop uploader
  • Tooltip for each icon
  • Pretty looking application
  • Allows the user to remove the file from the server
  • Allows the user to share his friends by direct URL
  • Allows the user to download the file
  • prettyPhoto integration
  • Short URLs by!
  • Social icons which lets you share your files with your friends!

Icons byLed Icons.

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4 April 11

Last Update:
9 May 11

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
HTML5, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP


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