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DomSocksChecker - Fast check and get info socks5

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DomSocksChecker - Fast check and get info socks5 - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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DomSocksChecker – Fast socks5 checker & Get information of socks5

- Working fast only one thread and low RAM & CPU usage.
- Online database information of socks5 : Country, Region & City, zipcode, ISP.
- Check the socks/proxies blacklist paypal.

Intro from author

The easiest way to check socks proxies you need, receive accurate information is continuously updated online via the national data service full and free. I created this software with the aim of reducing your search time makes your work more convenient.

DOMSocks Checker Version 1.3 Now Available codecanyonenet Faster, stronger, smarter Interlace with professional black and the important changes the system

What new in version 1.4?

  • Significant changes in the main window
  1. Change the layout and change the option position.
  2. Show the progress bar directly.
  3. Remove textbox “Your socks list (s)”.
  4. Narrow tidy main window.
  5. Menu bar.
  6. DarkStyle main window.
  • New features
  1. Select socks type (Socks 5, 4, 4a, HTTP)
  2. Check the socks black list Paypal.
  3. Customize Paypal latency connections (Paypal TimeOut).
  4. View Quick help in application (Menu Bar -> Help -> Quick Help).
  5. Contact information for support & Report error (Menu Bar -> Help -> Technical Support)
  6. Multi-threaded (up to 1000 threads)
  7. Low RAM & CPU usage
  8. Light and portable application
  • System Upgrade
  1. Using the method of Socket sent/received by byte to get information of Socks (faster++)
  2. Using the method of Socket sent/received by byte to request check Paypal black list (faster++)
  3. Multi-threaded (up to 1000 threads)
  4. Low RAM & CPU usage

Quick Help

  1. The easy way to check alive only SOCKS5.
  2. Get full information IP-Country, Region, City, ISP of socks in online database.
  3. You need install.NET Framework 2.0 in your computer for using this software.


  1. Faster check alive SOCKS 4/5 proxies.
  2. Load socks list from txt file.
  3. Smart filters enable accurate data analysis socks from mixed data array.
  4. Export socks live list to txt file.
  5. Allows manual adjustment target socks5 to access.
  6. Allows manual set timeout for socks.
  7. Get information of socks Country, Region & City, ZIP Code in online database.
  8. Check the socks black list Paypal.
  9. Select socks type (Socks 5, 4, 4a, HTTP)
  10. Customize Paypal latency connections (Paypal TimeOut).
  11. Multi-threaded (up to 1000 threads)
  12. Low RAM & CPU usage
  13. Light and portable application

How it works?

  1. Install.NET Framework 2.0 (See link download in A-4, A-5)
  2. Unzip “”.
  3. Start “DOMSocks.exe” for check socks/proxies.
  4. Click the button “Import…” or chose “Import Socks List…” in Menu bar -> File to load socks/proxies list.
  5. Click “Start Check”.
  6. Wait the end of process (you can abort by clicking on “Abort”) and waite few secons and see message box complete.
  7. When the process is finish, click on “Export….” to save results.

Free support your problems

If you have problems, questions, ideal, etc… Contact me via email [email protected]
The best way to support communities who use this software, please share your problem and help others having problems like you.

Thank you for using DOM Socks Checker!
Best regards.

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14 March 12

Last Update:
20 April 14

High Resolution:

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Application Runtime:
.NET 2


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