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domSCANNER - Solution fresh socks/proxies everyday

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domSCANNER - Solution fresh socks/proxies everyday - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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domSCANNER – Get fresh socks/proxies everyday & Function

- Multi-threaded to scan & crawler socks (up to 1,000 threads).
- Crawler realtime & Compare duplicate items.
- Live process, advanced seting and fully customize.
- Add, remove source url very simple.
- Customize speed, select port of socks/proxies you want.
- Load default up to 20 source url share free socks/proxies
- Smart timeOut seting for source url.
- Save & Compare source every times.
- Compare socks and remove duplicate smarty.

How to use domSCANNER?

  • Read under text for how to use domSCANNER
  1. install.NET Framework 2.0
  2. Purchased domSCANNER and download it.
  3. Unzip this.
  4. Open “DOMSocksScanner.exe”, seting apps (speed, fillter port etc…) and click “Start Scanner”

Support your problems

If you have problems, questions, ideal, etc… Contact me via email [email protected]
The best way to support communities who use this software, please share your problem and help others having problems like you.

Thank you for using my product
Best regards.

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19 June 12

Last Update:

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Application Runtime:
.NET 2


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