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Domain tools is a class that can be used to get information about a domainname. The information about the domain is retrieved from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa and DNS servers.

  • Check if a domainname is free. Supported extensions: be, biz, cn, com,, de, edu, eu, fr, ie, in, info, jp,mobi, name, net, nl, nu, org, tv, us, ws, hu, pl, se, ca
  • Get Google and Alexa rank for a domain
  • Indexed pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Count backlinks with Google and Yahoo
  • Whois information
  • Top keywords for a domain
  • 3 examples included
  • Example of how to show all info for 1 specific domain.


 v1.13.1 (11/21/2011) * Fixed Google PageRank * Fixed Google indexed pages v1.13.0 (09/08/2011) * Added CA domain support * Better socket handling v1.12.0 (07/14/2011) * Added support for se domains * Updated Google index and backlinks count code * New documentation v1.11 (04/18/2011) Added support for pl domains v1.10 (02/18/2011) Fixed error when trying to use Free method without an array ($DomainTools->Free('sitebase', 'be');) v1.9 (02/18/2011) Fixed whois bug for domains v1.8 (08/30/2010) * Added support for hu domain extension * Fixed errors when get ranks for new domains v1.7 (07/30/2010) * Top keywords fix (Alexa changed structure) v1.6 (05/16/2010) * Added support for ws domain extension * Fix Google index and backlink count so that it works with Googles changes v1.5 (04/05/2010) * Fixed Google backlinks for big websites v1.4 (03/15/2010) * Stripped some garbage strings from the keywords * Fixed Alexa delta and ranking * Removed deprecated ereg function v1.3 (11/11/2009) * Fixed some problems in the Indexed pages and Backlink checker * Added a fully working form to check if a domain name is free 

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23 September 09

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8

Files Included:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x


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