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PHP Search Engine

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PHP Search Engine - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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PHP Dynamic Website Search Tool

This search tool is perfect if you want a quick an easy way to search your dynamic websites. Simply upload the search.php file and make a form on your website like below and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier!

  • Update: 6 March 2010 – support for larger websites. Please re-download this file if you have purchased it prior to this date.
  • Update: 8 March 2010 – I have created an additional online demo tool which will allow you to test this on your website before buying. Click here to try the php search engine on your website
 <form action="search.php" method="GET"> <input type="text" name="search"> <input type="submit" name="go" value="Search Website"> </form> 

Features include:

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Searches all pages on your website (even search multiple websites!)
  • Super fast searching!
  • No database required – even easier to install!
  • Finds matching file names (eg: searching for ‘report’ will find a file called ‘latest report.doc‘)
  • Finds matches in HTML META tags
  • Finds matches in url’s (eg: searching for ‘products’ will find a file called ‘/website/my- products.html‘)
  • It will even search INSIDE PDF DOCUMENTS!
  • The results are sorted by relevance in a page-by-page view similar to Google.
  • The text that displays under each search result is trimmed to a certain length so it fits on the page nicely.
  • Any matching keywords in the results are highlighted so the user can see why that result was returned.
  • Advanced users:
    A custom callback function is included so you can insert your own results in with normal HTML results (eg: by querying a database of products for a match). This makes for great search integration between different products on an existing website.

Note: pdf document support is only available on Linux hosting accounts that have “pdftotext” installed. Please contact your hosting provider to check if pdftotext is installed.


You can control the following options:

  • Which website addresses (URL’s) to search
  • Which file names to ignore and never display in search results
  • How many results to display on each page
  • Plus many more advanced settings in the config.php file
  • There is an easy to use admin page which helps you configure these.


The advantages of something like this over a google integrated solution

  • You can style it the way you want
  • Instant search results (no waiting weeks for Google to index your new website)
  • Customers don’t bug you that the search isn’t picking up the latest results
  • Control over exactly when the indexer will scrape your updated website content again
  • It can index “every” page of your website, something that Google may not do or take a long time to do
  • Custom callback function so advanced users can integrate a mysql query and inject custom results into the list
  • No advertising (customers don’t like ads on their professional looking websites)
  • It has an awesome highlighting feature


  • PHP5
  • Linux hosting account (have not tested on Windows but it should work)
  • cURL enabled on your hosting account
  • a hosting account that allows “cURL loop back connections to the same server” (ask your hosting provider)
  • “pdftotext” utility installed if you wish to search PDF files (contact your hosting provider to see if it is installed)
  • Know how to upload files to your website (eg: with FTP )
  • Know some basic HTML /CSS so you can style the search results page (to suit your look & feel) if the defaults do not work.

How to install:

  1. Unzip the file from CodeCanyon
  2. Upload search.php to your website (eg:
  3. Upload phpsearch_files/ folder to your website (eg:
  4. Visit the administration page by going to
  5. Set “write” permissions via FTP remote view on the phpsearch_files/search_cache/ folder (contact me if you get stuck doing this)
  6. Create a form on your website like this:
     <form action="search.php" method="GET"> <input type="text" name="search"> <input type="submit" name="go" value="Search Website"> </form> 
  7. Done
    (replace with your actual website address above)

How to style the search results page:

  1. Open the phpsearch_files/header.php file in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor (eg: Dreamweaver)
  2. Delete any default HTML content from this file.
  3. Copy & Paste any HTML code you would like to display above the search results into this file.
  4. Open the phpsearch_files/footer.php file in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor (eg: Dreamweaver)
  5. Delete any default HTML content from this file.
  6. Copy & Paste any HTML code you would like to display below the search results into this file.
  7. Advanced users: you can do PHP includes eg: <?php include(“your_header_file.php”);?> into these two files.
  8. Advanced users: you can also <?php include(“search.php”);?> from one of your existing files to display results there.
  9. You can edit the CSS in phpsearch_files/phpsearch.css to match the colours to your website design if the defaults do not work.
  10. Done.

Product Support

If you require assistance please feel free to use our support system by clicking here. Please do not post support requests on the item discussion board – these are not checked regularly and your question may go unanswered for weeks.

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28 February 10

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3


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