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JavaScript / Miscellaneous

Custom Select for Twitter Bootstrap 2

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Custom Select for Twitter Bootstrap 2 - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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What is this?

This is a jQuery plugin extending the functionality of Twitter Bootstrap. It allows you to turn a default select input field into an element completely matching the style of Twitter Bootstrap with one line of JavaScript.

Why use it?

  • applies Twitter Bootstrap style to a select input field
  • preserves native select input field behaviour (you can use GET or POST methods to submit the selected value)
  • easily stylable
  • responsive (optionally)
  • by default uses Twitter Bootstrap button styling and field sizing classnames, but this can be easily overridden by using custom ones
  • accessible – supports keyboard tabbing very well (gaining and loosing focus)

Easy to use


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.some_classname').bootstrapSelect(); }); </script>

Please note: step-by-step explanation is in the docs.

This plugin requires

  • jQuery JavaScript library
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2 front-end framework


v 1.0 (03 November 2013)

Restructured plugin and added public methods: change, get_value, set_value; Custom attributes on initial select element are copied to a generated HTML element

v 0.1 (21 September 2013)

Prevented form submit on caret/button click, autocomplete prevented on input field, typing and pasting prevented, added a new option – maximum items visible without a scrollbar

Initial release (16 May 2013)

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16 May 13

Last Update:
15 August 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS

Software Version:


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