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Client Photo Studio - Photography CMS

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Client Photo Studio - Photography CMS - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Photography CMS – Client Photo Studio is a fully custom photography content management system. This application makes it easy for anyone to share photos with their clients. Installation of the application takes merely minutes.

Watch the installation video at


  • Custom CMS for Photographers
  • Project Manager
  • Private & Public Projects
  • Public Projects w/Password
  • Client & Admin Manager
  • Dynamic Thumbnail Creation
  • Dynamic Watermarking
  • Commenting System
  • Bookmarking System
  • Multi file Drag and Drop Upload
  • Cross Browser Compliant
  • Utilizes AJAX, CSS3 & HTML5
  • Pretty Photo Lightbox

The application was created and tested using PHP5+ and MySQL5+

Change Log

06-25-15: Bug fix in 3rd party script

  • There was a XSS issue that was exposed in the prettyPhoto plugin and has since been fixed. This update contains a new prettyPhoto.js file and a new cps.js file. If you are interested in what XSS is, click here.

03-11-15: Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where the new uploader would upload files in a random order. I’ve also reversed the way the photos are being displayed from descending order to ascending order.

03-03-15: Bug fix

  • Uploading the same file (same filename) to the same project caused an error when trying to delete the image. resources/dropzone.php is the only file that will need to be replaced.

09-30-14: New Uploader again =)

  • Some users were experiencing issues with the previous uploader. This update fixes that. No changes to the database were made so simply download the new files and replace. Be sure to not overwrite `resources/config.php` when doing so

08-01-14: New Uploader and more secure!

  • Replaced the flash uploader with an HTML5 multiselect uploader. This should solve all the issues people were having with their uploads freezing at 100%
  • Improved security of photos so nobody can browse directly to the URL
  • some minor bug fixes that nobody had noticed!

06-14-2013: NEW FEATURES!

  • A download option for a single image
  • Download a whole project
  • Download a whole collection
  • You can check mark multiple images and do an “add to collection”
  • Notify the admin when a collection is ready
  • Paginating on every page that contains a row or photos. You can set the amount of rows or photos in config.php


  • Fixed a bug in the public photos section that only occurred after the last update.


  • Converted everything from mysql to mysqli since the mysql library will be removed in the future. Patched a security hole on the client side that allowed other clients to view other projects

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20 January 12

Last Update:
26 June 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x


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