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PHP Scripts / Social Networking

ChatScript - Chat Application for Facebook

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ChatScript - Chat Application for Facebook - Item for Sale


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ChatScript – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2010 – 2012
Current Version: 1.2
Created: 6/22/2010
Updated: 10/29/2011

Live Preview

ChatScript is a simple chat script that can serve as its own application on Facebook or as an add-on to an already existing application on Facebook. It was originally created as a simple way for me to communicate with my users for technical support, but others have found use in its ability as a chat room for socializing.

It is a very vanilla chat script application. It doesn’t support smilies, text modifications or any special options. It is what it is, a simple chat app.

If you want to integrate ChatScript as an add-on, you will need at least basic knowledge in PHP and HTML !

Please note that this is an application for Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to create the application on Facebook. I am a freelance programmer and am in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook.

You will need to have an SSL certificate for your server. The script will handle the connection on its own, but you will need to contact your hosting service to work out how to add an SSL certificate to your server. If you are in need of a free SSL certificate, offers one.

(Optional) I will do the entire installation of the script onto your server and Facebook application setup for a fee.



  • Utilizes the Graph API in an iframe setting.
  • Uses the PHP SDK v3.1.1.
  • Supports OAuth 2.0.
  • Multiple channel support, up to 255.
  • Moderators ability available.
  • Powered by jQuery AJAX .
  • Connects users via their real name.
  • Option to use full or first names in chat.
  • Option to include Facebook profile images.
  • Self-cleaning option available.
  • Very simple, clean layout.
  • Runs smoothly in all major browsers.
  • Free updates as long as it is supported.
  • Easily monetized with banner advertisements.


  • Facebook Account
  • Server w/ PHP v5.3+
  • MySQL Database
  • HTTPS Capability / SSL Certificate

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30 August 11

Last Update:
21 August 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x, jQuery

Files Included:


ajax, application, chat, facebook, php