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Celebrity Database for Wordpress

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Celebrity Database for Wordpress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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  • I am currently deployed in the US Navy so support will be limited. But through all the sales of my plugins I haven’t had any issues or hardly any support questions so it works as designed and is easy to figure out. **

Create a huge site with 25,972 celebrity database site with unique content that Google loves instantly!

Each post contains Name, AKA, Born, Birthplace, Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Occupation, Party Affiliation, Nationality, Summary, and your spun text.

This plugin will automatically import the database and allow you to create your own unique content by spinning text and using variables from each post.

Example HTML

Carroll Erazilla Carroll Butler, United Congressman from

Spin Your Text

Each post that it makes you can also enter your own article using the spin technique that will make each of your posts content rich and unique. The plugin supports the below format.

This is the {correct|right|proper} format to use.

Use Variables

Inside your text that you are spinning you can use the below variables to make each page even more unique.

[spin1] = Name [spin2] = Birthplace [spin3] = Occupation [spin3] = Nationality [spin3] = Summary

Example – This is the {correct|right|proper} format to use if you want to {find|locate} a celebrity from [spin3] with the name of [spin1].

Indexing System

With large websites you need a way to display all the posts with ease and you can do this using our A – Z widget or shortcode. With these you can get the typical browse by letter which will increase your changes of getting all your pages indexed.

Installation and Configuration Video

What video on how to install and configure this plugin on Vimeo

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19 August 12

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 3.8


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