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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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What is BWL Advanced FAQ Manager?

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create unlimited number of FAQs for your WordPress powered website. Plugin comes with almost Zero Configuration feature. So, you don’t need to worry about any kind custom of custom and complicated configuration to use this plugin. Simply upload and install the plugin and you’re ready to go!

Create Unlimited Number of FAQs:

By using this plugin, you can easily create unlimited no of FAQ items for your website. You can also classified FAQs in to FAQ categories and FAQ topics. It’s super easy like WordPress regular post creation.

Unique Live FAQ Search:

Users can easily find their desired FAQ items from long FAQs lists. It’s not only providing fast result but also gives you’re user a supreme experience while they finding their answers.

Unique FAQ Accordion Pagination System:

Do you need to create large no of FAQ items and worried about how to display that huge lists? Don’t worry! Now it’s super easy to display hundreds of FAQ items anywhere of your site within a small amount of space. FAQ pagination feature will allow you to keep you’re site structure intact by paginate FAQ items. You can easily define how many items you like to show per page inside the shortcode.

FAQ Rating System:

Now, it’s super easy to identify which FAQ items are seems useful for the users. Plugin offers a custom column in admin section that display total no of likes for each FAQ item. By this way you can easily improve you’re FAQ contents based on user ratings. We are using IP address checking to avoid repeat votes from the same users.

Custom FAQ Category Tab:

This is one of the most popular and unique of FAQ Manager Plugin. You can easily display multiple categories and their FAQs in smooth and animated Tab.

External FAQ Submission Form:

You can also receive FAQ questions from you’re users. This feature allows you to get exact user questions about you’re site content. So, You can also enrich the FAQ contents of your WordPress powered site.

Custom Single FAQ Page:

For SEO purpose, plugin allows you to display FAQs in a single page. You can also set custom permalinks for single page.

Built-in FAQ Widget:

Plugin will allow you to display FAQ contents any sidebar of your site using widget feature.

Custom Post Type Powered Admin Panel:

We are developing this FAQ plugin using WordPress custom post type feature. That’s why plugin does not require generating any custom table to work. Also, it’s ensuring you to avoid any kind of conflict with other plugins data.

Extensive Option Panel:

Plugin comes with lots of customization feature to customize you’re FAQ contents according to your need. You can choose themes, create new themes, change fonts sizes, setup custom slug and insert custom style sheet.

RTL (Right to Left) Support:

You can easily integrate this plugin into Arabic language based website. Just enable RTL options from option panel and plugin automatically handle rest of the things.

TinyMce Integrated Shortcode Editor:

Plugin has nice visual shortcode editor panel integrated with TinyMce. So that, you don’t need to copy & paste shortcode anymore. Just select you’re preffered options from the shortcode editor then custom shortcodes will automatically insert into TinyMce Editor. That gives you the best flexibility to insert shortcodes.

Drag & Drop FAQ Sorting Panel:

You can also sort FAQs using Drag & Drop sorting feature. It’s very much flexible and provide easy manage features of the FAQ content.

7 Colorful Themes with Custom Theme Builder:

Plugin comes with 7 built-in colorful themes and a custom theme builder section. You can create custom themes according to your website color scheme.

WPML Support & Ready for Localization:

Plugin comes &.po file. That allows you to localize FAQ plugin in to your own language. Plugin also support WPML plugin to create FAQ’s for multiple languages.

Premium Support from Developer:

We love to help our buyers and most of the time it takes less than 1 day to reply you’re support questions. Don’t worry; if you face any kind of issue regarding FAQ plugin then developer will help you to solve your issue.


  • Zero Configuration Required.
  • Create Unlimited Number of FAQs.
  • FAQ Live Search To Find FAQ’s Quickly.
  • FAQ Pagination.
  • 7 different FAQ Themes With Custom Theme Generator.
  • Display FAQs in Tabs.
  • Front End FAQ Ask Form.
  • Captcha Validation For FAQ Submission.
  • Custom Slug For Single FAQ.
  • Extensive FAQ Option Panel.
  • Visual Shortcode Editor.
  • Accordion and Toggle Mode.
  • Expand All/ Collapse All Buttons.
  • Font-awesome up/down Arrow for FAQ Collapse Navigation.
  • RTL support.
  • 3 Types of Built-in FAQ Widgets.
  • FAQ Sorting Option.
  • FAQ Rating Option.
  • FAQ Categories.
  • FAQ Topics.
  • FAQ Filtering by Categories and Topics in Admin Panel.
  • Display Single FAQ Any Where of Site.
  • Pure CSS3 Accordion with jQuery Fallback.
  • Responsive Layout.
  • Ready for localization (Mo & Po file included).
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Support WP Latest Version.
  • Well Documentation
  • Automatic Notification for New Version.
  • Get Premium and Quick support From developer.


FAQ TAB FOR WOOCOMMERCE ADDON FOR BWL ADVANCED FAQ MANAGER Zero Configuraion Easy use. Responsive Colorful Accordion. Quick Live Search Feature With Pagination. Unlimited FAQ items with drag drop option. Quick Bulk Edit Option. Extensive Option Panel For Tab Customization. Translation Ready. New FAQ Features FrequeM Updates ULTIMATE FAQ TAB SOLUTION FOR WOOCOMMERCE

WPML. AJAXIFIED FAQ SEARCH ADDON FOR BWL ADVANCED FAQ MANAGER For modal window AjaxPowered QuickSearch Feature. Mobile FriendLy Search Box with Clear Button. Pagination Feature for BuLk Search Result. ExtensiveOptionPanelForCustomization. Translation Ready. ULTIMATE SOLUTION FIND FAQ ANSWER QUICKLY!

  • Question: Does plugin support latest WordPress version?

    Answer: Yes, we always keep up to date and ensure compatibility of latest WordPress version.

  • Question: Can I Paginate FAQs When I’ve large no of items?

    Answer: Yes, you can paginate FAQ’s very easily for your large no of items. You can also assign how many items you can display per page.

  • Question: Does search box work in mobile device?

    Answer: Yes, plugin search box support and work pretty well in mobile devices. Search box has clear(X) button so you can easily clear search field text with out pressing backspace.


bdemontecler months ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Less resolve issue Wonderful customer service Thank you coastams months ago Main Design Quality Extra comments from the Great quality product and good support too. Objectif2Ol months ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Best product and very good support Otelia months ago Main Other Extra comments from the quick easy and uwsuwebsite months ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Great plugin, with equally speedy and great support. Thanks! Stuenkel months ago Main Customer Support Extra comments from the Great customer support! added functionality asked for immediately. DigitalPL months ago Main Flexibility Extra comments from the simply best faq


WooCommerce PRODUCT FAQ MANAGER Zero Configuration, Plug Play. Responsive Animated Accordion. Live Quick FAQ Search. Unlimited FAQ With Global Option. Extensive Option Theme PaneL Translation Ready. Support Latest WooCommerce. ULTIMATE WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRODUCT FAQ

1.0.9 BWL PRO VOTING Down Voting Panel With Voting Bar. Zero Settings Required, Plug Play. Get User Feedbacks For Down Vote. T1nyMCE Supported Shortcode Editor. Custom Widget Extensive Option Panel. Ready For LocaLization. Support Latest Version.!ZC COMMERCE jOueV AVoce BWL PRO VOTING MANAGER, BECAUSE SIMPLE THE BEST!

Knowledge Base MANAGER 11.0.8 Zero Configuration, Plug Play. Responsive Column Grid Layout. Related Knowledgebase Questions. TinyMce Supported Shortcode Editor. Custom Widget Extensive Option Panel. RTL Supported. WPML Compatible. Support Latest Version. jouew Sea Key,D Featured Popular Recent How format How ise the Whois lockup Tool THE ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGEBASE WORDPRESS PLUGINI


2015, August, 30 - v 1.6.0 - Update Addon Page. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2015, August, 05 - v 1.5.9 - Added wp-login.php pagel link for external FAQ submission notification message. - Added option to show/hide category title. - Added option to set custom email address for getting FAQ submission notification. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2015, July, 07 - v 1.5.8 - Added white background for FAQ content. - Added New Page For BWL Advanced FAQ Manager Addon. - Improved Search Section. - Improved Widget. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation 
 2015, March, 10 - v 1.5.7 - Added 'X' [cross] button to clear search box easily for mobile device. - Added FAQ category and FAQ Topic Widgets. - Improved RTL stylesheet. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2015, February, 13 - v 1.5.6 - Added Expand All/Collapse All Button. - Improved Live FAQ Search. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2015, January, 29 - v 1.5.5 - Added Frontend FAQ Pagination. - Improved Live FAQ Search With Pagination feature. - Improved FAQ Shortcode panel. - Improved Plugin Speed. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2015, January, 19 - v 1.5.4 - Fixed External Form Submission Issue. - Improved Plugin Performance. - Improved FAQ Shortcode panel. - Fixed Plugin Update Notification Issue. - Improved Translation file. - Improved Documentation. 
 2014, November, 04 - v 1.5.3 - Added Font-awesome up/down arrow for FAQ collapse navigation. - Improve responsive style. - Added RTL support. - Added FAQ author shortcode. - Update FAQ settings Page. - Documentation Improved. 
 2014, October, 22 - v 1.5.2 - Fixed hide search box issue. - Fixing Shortcode Show Single FAQ lists issue - Update FAQ settings Page. - Documentation Improved. 
 2014, May, 25 - v 1.5.1 - Integrate auto update feature. - Fixing Shortcode Tab Issue - Update FAQ settings Page. - Documentation Improved. 
2014, May, 19 - v 1.5.0 - Introducing WPML Translation Feature.. - FAQ Settings Page Improved. - Update FAQ settings Page. - Documentation Improved. 
2014, April, 06 - v 1.4.9 - Introducing single Display FAQ option. - Introducing Display All FAQ answer opened option. - Added Font Awesome. - Show Author name, FAQ post date and edit option below FAQ Answer. - Fixed Rating System Issue. - Update FAQ settings Page. - Documentation Improved. 
2014, March, 15 - v 1.4.8 - Fixed email content issue. - Introduced FAQ filtering by categories and topics in admin panel. - Documentation Improved. 
2014, February, 06 - v 1.4.7 - Improved Tabbed Accordion. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, December, 26 - v 1.4.6 - Update Tabbed Accordion. - Introduce single search box with multiple category. - Improved collapsable accordion. - Translation Section Improved. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, December, 17 - v 1.4.5 - Introduced Tabbed Accordion. - Introduced Custom Shortcode Editor. - Translation Section Improved. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, October, 26 - v 1.4.4 - Collapsible accordion feature introduced. - Unlimited FAQ theme with 7 predefined themes. - Translation Section Improved. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, Augest, 24 - v 1.4.3 - Captcha Validation For FAQ Submission. - Custom Slug For Single FAQ Section. - FAQ Rating Reset Feature. - Translation Section Improved. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, August, 01- v 1.4.2 - Excerpt section improved. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, July, 25 - v 1.4.1 - FAQ preview limit section improved. - CSS & Translation section Improved. 
2013, July, 09 - v 1.4 - Search section improved. (Search Both in Title & Content) - Excerpt feature added for FAQ answer. 
2013, July, 04 - v 1.3 - 7 different themes added. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, July, 01 - v 1.2 - Front-end "FAQ question add FORM" using Shortcode. - Add email & log In Settings feature in admin panel. - Shortcode for show/hide search form. - Accordion improved for Internet explorer 7/8/9 - Integrate Modernizr. - Documentation Improved. 
2013, June, 24 - v 1.1 - Add Live Search Feature. - Enable/Disable features for live search. - Add settings section in admin panel. 
2013, June, 22 - v 1.0 - Initial release
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23 June 13

Last Update:
31 August 15

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Compatible Browsers:
IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD, Layered PNG

Software Version:
WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3


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