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PHP Scripts / Shopping Carts

Buy And Sell Marketplace Script

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Buy And Sell Marketplace Script - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Buy And Sell Online Php Script is an Marketplace script to sale and buy digital products online. This script comes with many features for the authors and buyers:


  • Your server must support curl
  • Mode Rewrite On
  • At least 5 MB of space
  • PHP version 4.3 or newer

Updates for version 1.6

Front site

  • New captcha system added (reCaptcha)
  • New Payment Gateway added (Payza – ext AlertPay)
  • Posibility to change default payment gateway on item order page, before was only PayPal
  • I have created separated IPN for each payment gateway
  • Top main balance updated, show you earnings + deposits to save space on top bar
  • Upload system changed – the files are uploaded on a single directory “customers/uploads”, so finish with hundreds directories for each user, safe server memory and loading time.
  • Fixed bugs on upload item (thumb size, preview image size)
  • Send Smtp email system added
  • An mail verification will be send after user register if is activated on admin area
  • Fixed currency bugs
  • Fixed other reported bugs

  • Administration

  • Posibility to switch default captcha with reCaptcha
  • Posibility to switch default email SMTP / PHP
  • SMTP Authentification options added
  • Settings form changed
  • New payment gateway added on settings form (Payza)
  • On / Off email verification for registered users
  • Available modules for Buy And Sell Script added – now you can add more modules to your script
  • Tranzactions page added
  • Default Payment gateway option added on general settings
  • Reported Bugs fixed

  • Updates for version 1.5

    Front site

  • User can subscribe to item comment
  • Added email notification when a reply is added to item comments
  • User can subscribe to forum thread or reply
  • Added email notification when a reply is added to thread or reply on forum
  • Unsubscribe system added for item and forum notification
  • Notifications are based on email template, can be modified as you want (html, css knowledge)
  • Bugs fixed

  • Administration

  • Add Newsletter template
  • One click Save Newsletter as template and send later
  • Edit / Delete any time a template
  • Admin can send newsletter to all, only buyers of a specific product or to a specific username
  • Bugs fixed

  • Updates for version 1.4

    Front site

  • New installation sistem added (Made by ZoneCoders) – NO NEED IONCUBE ANY MORE!
  • Antispam System
  • New item comments system (similar to envato)
  • Item view type changed
  • Item support system added
  • Top 20 items carussel changed listing type
  • Featured author system added
  • Affiliate system added(users can use an refferal link to earn revenue from each salles or deposit made on marketplace)
  • Customers setting page changed
  • Removed item screnshots zip sistem with multi file upload sistem
  • ADS added – If no screenshots will be displayed ADS in place of screnshots
  • Hover item preview image added on items listing
  • Bugs fixed from v1.3

  • Administration

  • Antispam sistem (admin can delete user content and add ip on banned list. Next time when user visit the marketplace will recive an error message)
  • Comments reports sistem added
  • One click user delete on user edit form added
  • Bugs fixed

  • Updates for version 1.3

    Front site

  • Item rating sistem added, the user can rate the item only if they bought that item. The rating sistem is on download page, and also will be show as static on item review page.
  • Author rating sistem added, the user can rate the author only if the user has bought items from that author.
  • Home Page structure and graphics has ben 100% changed
  • Added best salle items on top of the homepage
  • Added Top 20 items on homepage based on item ratings
  • Top 20 items based on jQuery UI carousel
  • Quiq registration added on homepage + chaptcha
  • Welcom box with aditional information for customers after loggin
  • Realtime Latest forum post added on homepage
  • Latest Items added on homepage
  • Featured author box added on homepage based on author ratings. There will be displayed the most rated author, if another author reach the rating, the preview author will be replaced with the new one.
  • Terms of usage link added on footer
  • Default Terms of usage page added
  • My items menu moved from the top menu on sidebar menu

  • Administration

  • Forum Bugs fixed
  • Support ticket bug fixed
  • Settings hompage text changed

  • Updates for version 1.2

    Front site

    • Reported bugs on version 1.1 fixed
    • New features add on forum script (you can close / reopen any time an thread)
    • Pagination bug fixed on forum
    • Changes made on forum SEO links
    • User profile bugs fixed
    • Forum links automaticaly generated on sitemap.xml


    • Reported bugs fixed
    • Newsletter module added, (admin can send email to all users, subscribed only or only to buyers of an item)
    • Fixed forum dashboard issues

    Updates for version 1.1

    Front site

    • Reported bugs on version 1.0 fixed
    • Forum included, created 100% by ZoneCoders
    • Item comments system updated with new features, user avatar added, admin or moderator can delete any time a item comment.
    • Jquery efects fixed on item preview accordeon
    • New payment for with nice slide effect added. User can chose to pay with paypal or to make an deposit and pay with main balance
    • User can edit item and resumit for approval


    • Mange forums from admin section added. Admin can add, delete, manage forum catgories and subcategories.
    • Admin recive reports from forum and can delete reply or report, or can easy delete the thread and all his replies.
    • Item comments system updated with new features, user avatar added, admin or moderator can delete any time a item comment.
    • Admin can set the forum online / offline any time from general settings.
    • New Dashboard added for Forum on administrationa area with forum status.
    • New features added to General Admin Dasboard, admin can see all tranzactions for today, last payment made, and total payments made on market.

    Forum features

    • Users can start new Thread
    • User can Reply to his Thread and to any thread.
    • User can Reply to any reply.
    • User can report any thread, reply or Re.reply by clicking on report icon, he must write a reason for administrator.
    • User can edit his thread if the thread is not older than 30 minutes
    • User can edit his reply if reply is not older than 30 minutes.
    • User can edit his Re.reply if Re.reply is not older than 30 minutes.
    • Admin or moderator can edit, delete, report any time any thread, reply or Re.reply.
    • Mini icons info added under user avatar.
    • If user is admin or moderator, a icon will be display besides username, for admin red color and for moderator blue color.
    • Time old info of the thread.
    • Count replies for any thread.
    • All text area are designed for easy insert higlight codes or html tags.
    • On click reply, report, textarea box slide down effect.
    • Search form forum added on left sidebar.
    • Forum categories list on left sidebar.
    • Latest forum posts added on left sidebar.
    • SEO links for forum posts.
    • And much more…

    Front site Features:

  • User registration / Login
  • Captcha Registration protected
  • 5 Themes!
  • User can change webiste theme
  • 3 Language included – English,French,Romanian
  • Easy to create new language
  • User can change website language based on session
  • Tranzaction history
  • Downloads area if user bought items
  • Guest can browse items
  • Sistem messages included – Users can send and recive internal mesages to an author only if bought items from that author. (personal items support)
  • Earnings history
  • Sales history
  • Easy to upload products or digita files if the user is an author.
  • User can become an author any time
  • User can earn trophies based on sales revenue
  • Mini info icons about authors and users under profile picture about registration time, user membership, how much author sold, how much user bought, etc..
  • User Portfolio
  • Author can withdraw his money
  • Converter module – Author can convert the earnings from main balance on deposit balance to buy items.
  • User settings
  • Edit profile – include home page image header, description, avatar, etc.
  • Support ticket included – User can manage, edit, create new support tikets any time.
  • Nice User Dashboard – Latest news, Latest item comments if user is author, New messages, Latest 5 tranzactions, my items, my orders, etc..
  • Quiq search form – search the items based on keywords.
  • Nice top menu links and information about user account.
  • Item thrumnail hover tooltip with item preview image, item title, author name, price, etc…
  • And much more..
  • Admin Features:

  • Unic and nice control panel design
  • Nice Dashboard information
  • Manage, edit, users
  • Manage, aprove, edit items
  • Manage deposits
  • Pending Withdraw
  • Support tikets sistem
  • Add, edit, manage news
  • Add, edit, manage custom pages
  • General website settings
  • Homepage text manager
  • Admin can upgrade the user level to reviewer or administrator
  • Accept Paypal & Moneybookers payment
  • And much more…
  • To play around this script, i have created some demo accounts for you. Please use the following details to loggin and test my script: username: admin and password: demo or username: demo_user and password: demo_user or username: demo_user2 and password: demo_user2 For any questions or help, please visit our forum on

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    2 July 13

    Last Update:
    3 June 14

    High Resolution:

    Compatible Browsers:
    IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

    Files Included:
    JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG

    Software Version:
    PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


    eCommerce, eCommerce, All Items, buy and sell, marketplace, marketplace script, online marketplace, sale digital goods, sale php script, salle online, sell items