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Builtapp PHP CMS (Content Management System)

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The Built-app Responsive CMS system was built out of the need to automate the process of creating and updating pages on a website. As such, Built-app Responsive CMS is designed to be easy to learn and use and fast in the execution of its function. Built-app Responsive CMS comes jam-packed with nifty features which will make building and maintaining your website or system a joy. The stress of having to edit source code is now a thing of the past. It’s all automated.

The Built-app Responsive CMS is a web application built atop the Codeigniter PHP framework and designed to be very lightweight thus improving page load speeds even for slow connections and giving your visitors a flawless experience. They’re assured to come back.
The Built-app Responsive CMS is built using a modular method which ensures separation of functions making the modules and the system as a whole highly scalable and easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

Current Version: v2.0.0


  • Responsive Frontend and Backend Design
  • Robust Backend.
  • Integrated Plugin System – This will increase the extensibility of the system without necessarily doing a system overhaul.
  • Modularised System
  • Integrated Templating system – Different tables can be integrated into the system
  • Responsive Photo Gallery System
  • Excellent lightbox integration for the photo gallery.
  • Responsive Blogging System complete with administrative Backend.
  • Built in commenting system.
  • SEO friendly
  • WYSIWYG Editor with filemanager
  • Responsive Ajax Contact Form complete with administrative Backend.
  • Responsive Portfolio System complete with administrative Backend.
  • Multiple Mapping Location with administration – Can be used to map branches or multiple offices
  • Page styling – Page can be created with left column, right column
  • User Access Management – Users
  • Homepage Carousel complete with administration
  • Easy to install and Extend
  • Based on Codeigniter’s HMVC
  • Social media integration
  • Simple Page hits statistics on the Backend
  • Dedicated contact and home page.
  • Can Create user levels and User groups
  • Location / Branch Finder

Admin Credentials

Admin Link:

Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: password

This account shouldn’t be edited. All data entered will be removed in a day or two.

Support and Documentation

Please drop us a line on [email protected] with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the program to help you with your projects.


  • Built-app Responsive CMS v2.0.0 9th June 2014

Changed – Update front-end to Bootstrap 3.0
Changed – Show gallery photo captions in the front-end
Changed – Carousel to flexslider
Changed – Move admin view files into the folder admin_views
Changed – Now using tinyMCE for gallery, carousel and portfolio photo uploads
Changed – Map center now in a config file
Added – base_url to CMS analytics js to prevent 404 error
Added – Honeypot to blog post comment
Added – Checks on ALL database-populated dropdowns so that they don’t show errors if data is NULL
Added – Security to tinyMCE and responsivefilemanger. Prevent them from being accessed by users not logged in
Added – Option for carousel to have either image, image with text or text only
Added – Carousel caption now uses tinyMCE
Added – Extended support for foreign characters in the custom form validation
Added – Keywords and description to pages for SEO
Fixed – Bug where middle column wasn’t saving for system pages
Fixed – Completely remove the old settings, posts, post_columns tables and all references to them
Fixed – Switch contact form honeypot back on

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.3.1 28th January 2014

Major bug fixes

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.3.0 30th November 2013

Added – Front-end login
Added – Checks when creating blog posts so that post titles can’t collide
Added – Checks for duplicating usernames when adding a new user
Added – Default timezone setting to the index.php file for servers without timezones
Added – Checks when creating pages to make sure that one can’t use non-alpha characters to name pages.
Added – Check for a similarly named page when creating a new page. Avoid conflicts.
Added – Option to create posts and assign them to pages.
Changed – Switch WYSIWYG to tinyMCE with it’s own filemanager
Changed – Switch the password hashing to phpass
Changed – Use hyphens instead of underscores for blog post titles. Increase readability, SEO.
Changed – Use hyphens instead of underscores for page names. Increase readability, SEO.
Changed – Admin settings page now has extended settings
Fixed – Paths fixed so that they work for users using index.php in the path. No hard-coded URLs
Updated – Updated documentation to match new CMS

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.2.0 26th September 2013

Added – New back-end template
Added – Check for duplicate username when adding a new user
Fixed – Add portfolio and gallery redirecting to an unstyled page
Fixed – Session timeout on AJAX requests

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.1.4 31st May 2013

Fixed – Adding pages and blog posts showing blank page

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.1.2 20th May 2013

Added – Frontend login and logout
Added – Logout URL saved in session
Fixed – Plugin module reporting wrong plugin name on uninstall

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.1.1 13th May 2013

Updated – Plugins with multiple pages now supported

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.1.0 8th May 2013

New – Plugin system that will work with the new structure
New – Unicode support for page and blog titles
New – Page can now belong to another page
New – Dropdown navigation for frontend on hover
Updated – Page URL changed from site/show_page to site/page

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.0.3 25th April 2013

Added – Create and edit portfolio project. Replace now possible.
Added – Create and edit gallery image. Replace now possible.
Added – Validation of portfolio and gallery. Now checks for photo upload.
Added – Feedback alerts for actions in portfolio and gallery.
Added – Preview when uploading carousel pictures.
Added – Define a different homepage.
Fixed – Edit system pages.
Fixed – Portfolio and gallery now updating view statistics.
Fixed – Heading of the edit page form.
Fixed – Activate/Deactivate user levels and groups.
Fixed – Recent logins. Now doesn’t show users that have never logged in.

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.0.2 14th April 2013

Added – Pagination on the contact form map
Added – Blog post pagination in the backend
Added – Pages pagination in the backend
Added – Main navigation bar now sticks to the top on all devices. Makes navigation easier
Added – Alternate.htaccess file for shared hosts e.g GoDaddy. Prevents “500 Internal Server Error”
Cleaned – CSS and JS directories. Removed unused files
Fixed – Homepage carousel navigation. It now goes under the main navigation on scrolling, as it should
Fixed – Preview blog post from the dashboard. Link was broken
Updated – Documentation

  • Built-app Responsive CMS v1.0.1 6th April 2013

Fixed – Edit gallery category
Fixed – Delete gallery photo
Fixed – Gallery and Portfolio. Can now use more than one word to name
Fixed – Gallery and Portfolio Create, Update and Delete
Fixed – Make/Remove admin
Updated – Documentation

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5 April 13

Last Update:
9 June 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x

High Resolution:

Software Framework:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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